A Thorough Look Around Cairns, Far North Queensland

On Monday we had a wander around Cairns, and on Wednesday we looked at the two Jewels in the Crown of Cairns: Kuranda and the Great Barrier Reef. Coming up I have a video that shows you all of that in movie style, and more.

For example, they go to Trinity Beach, just north of Cairns. We did too…

trinity-beach trinity-beach

trinity-beachWe had brunch in the cafe opposite the beach…

trinity-beachI just didn’t get around to mentioning it at the time. But I did say that there are more than two ‘must do’ attractions in Cairns and this video does cover more ground than I did.

Have a look for yourself…

Need a second opinion? Here’s another view of things to see and do around Cairns…

It’s no wonder Cairns, which as you may have noticed is pronounced more like ‘cans’, really is a major holiday destination for Australians.

Not only was the first video pretty much about exactly what I’ve been writing about the last two posts, but it’s also got a very good insight of where we go next; a drive along the coastal road to Port Douglas.

That drive though, has taken a backseat for now (see what I did there?). I will be returning to this road trip, which is almost over, at some point. At the moment though I need to concentrate on the important matter of Moving House in Australia.

Update: July 2018

Time to wrap up our journey along the Queensland coastline. This is our last stop, but almost certainly the best, let’s look at 6 Must Dos in Cairns and Port Douglas as we finish our Queensland Coast Road Trip.

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