Queensland Transport and My Missing Rego

Once again, the weekend is approaching and once again I’ll be up to something. But this weekend that something is pretty weird, I can assure you. I know it sounds crazy to ask you to try and guess what that is, but I am going to ask anyway. Here goes. Can you guess what it is?

But you can find out what it is for sure on Monday.

This is weird too.

Some time ago now I wrote a post about Australian slang and mentioned in that post about vehicle registration being officially called “rego” by the Australian Government. Well, my rego plate went missing the other week.

It was actually just as we were about to go away for the weekend to Mooloolaba. We were loading up the boot when my wife noticed that our rear registration plate was no longer there. Our best guess was that it had simply fallen off, although the rumour is that kids have taken to stealing car rego’s so they can hang them on their bedroom walls.

How quaint! Didn’t the children in the UK think of something like that back in the 80s? Didn’t they take a liking to BMW badges or something? Moving on.

My first thought was “where is Halfords?” I could just nip in and surely they would knock up some new plates while I wait. But we decided to look online at the Queensland Government website to see what we should do. We were a little concerned that we had a lot of driving to do with a number plate missing.

The advice was simple. If you only have one registration plate, fit it to the rear. Otherwise you’d be in big trouble. Then, complete a registration replacement form and take it into your nearest Queensland Transport Department. Pay up $22.50, show them your driver’s license and they will give you a new set of plates. I mean a completely different registration number.

A Queensland Transport "shop".

A Queensland Transport "shop".

I never lost numberplates in England, but I’d like to wager anything that Queensland transport are cheaper than Halfords. Who would have thought that?

So yes, I found it weird but thinking about it, it must be more secure than being able to order any numberplate you want online, as I believe you can in the UK.

I have to say, I much prefer the way Queensland Transport is run here compared to what happens in the UK. When I got my Queensland driver’s licence, I simply walked into one of their offices and walked out 10 minutes later with it in my pocket. They are very efficiently run. Just like the deli counter at Waitrose, you take a ticket from the machine and wait for your number to come up. You are usually served within minutes.

Far more convenient than dealing with DVLC at Swansea.

And these transport offices are all over. I had a choice of three to go to, Rosalie, Sherwood or Redbank. All are about 30 minutes drive. Unfortunately for me, I chose Redbank. “We don’t do replacement rego’s here, you have to go to Rosalie or Sherwood” she said. “You’re kidding” I asked.

She wasn’t.

She explained that they didn’t store registration plates at Redbank. So I was thinking that storing rego’s must be some kind of big thing. But when I was issued with my new plates at Sherwood, I swear the woman who served me didn’t even get off of her chair to get them. She just swivelled round about 25° and picked a pair of plates up from on top of the desk. I found that weird too.

But still better than dealing with Swansea.

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  • BobinOz February 13, 2010, 9:29 pm |

    Yes, I’m inclined to agree, UK number plates are prettier. But what I really want to know is, how much did your replacement numberplates cost from Halfords?

  • John Wilkes February 13, 2010, 12:04 pm |

    One of my number plates ( here in the U.K. ) was a little marked and my A4 is always gleaming so got a replacment from Halfords . Unbelievably , from home back to home with the replacment took ten minutes. Admittedly I only live two minutes to the local branch and it was
    6.30pm………another good point , they stay open late. If we’re talking number plates then I prefer the U.K. ones they are clearer to read and much smarter than a piece of pressed tin.

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