Get Fit with the Castle Hill Workout

No, Castle Hill is not the name of the latest fitness guru or get fit fad. It’s an actual hill.

Apparently, Castle Hill, which is in Townsville, is 286 metres above sea level. Or as we used to call it, 938 feet. That’s what makes it a hill. If it had been another 14 metres, or 62 feet, it would have been called Castle Mountain.

Now that’s what I call unlucky. Mind you, that depends how you look at it; maybe Castle Hill is happy to be one of the highest hills around rather than one of the smallest mountains.

If you read Monday’s A Stroll Around Townsville, you will have already seen a glimpse of Castle Hill. It is quite difficult to miss it really…

The Strand TownsvilleCastle Hill is a massive part of Townsville, as you can see from this public domain photograph taken from above…

Castle Hill, TownsvilleThe Castle Hill workout

As I drove up Castle Hill, well I wasn’t going to walk it, I was on road trip, my journey was lined with walkers, joggers, cyclists and runners of all ages. According to thegotownsville, there are 15 different tracks you can take on Castle Hill.

One of them is called ‘Widow-maker‘ because the track is ‘a little perilous if you were to lose your footing in some parts (there are no safety barriers).’

Another good reason to take the car.

Over 2500 locals journey to the top of Castle Hill without their cars every day, so I’ve heard. I drove past literally hundreds of them, as I relaxed in my comfortable leather seat. I even videoed them all on my dash cam as I glided past, or so I thought.

Due to a technical issue that will baffle me forever, (I reckon I did not press the button hard enough) I can’t find the footage. So, instead we can play a game of ‘spot the jogger’ from the still photographs I did take when I got to the top.

Castle Hill Lookout

Castle Hill isn’t just a place to get fit though, it’s also a great lookout. There really is no better place to go if you want to have, quite literally, a good look around Townsville.

So let’s do that; let’s have a good look around Townsville…

Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville Castle Hill, Townsville

Castle Hill, TownsvilleMagnetic Island, which is that great big rock in the ocean in front of Castle Hill shown in full in the third image, is easy to see. But did you ‘spot the jogger’?

He was in the final photograph, bottom left; here he is…

Castle Hill, TownsvilleThere would have been 2499 or more like him, but I missed them all. Must press harder.

So, here are some Things I Didn’t Do in Townsville: Magnetic Island and Castle Hill Hike.

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