The Burdekin Region and Bowen in North Queensland: A Roundup

In Monday’s post I gave you a glimpse of what you could expect from A Winter’s Day in Bowen, North Queensland. Let me take a quick moment to remind you of what winter in Bowen looks like…

Bowen beachesIn that post I also explained how it appeared to me that every road in Bowen led to a beach. Today I’ve been looking on YouTube for videos about Bowen so I can round up my whole Bowen to Townsville part of my road trip.

I found this great video called ‘BOWEN in 3 MINS (North Queensland)’ by Joshua Daniel who, from what I can gather, lives in Bowen. Not only does he live in Bowen, he loves living in Bowen.

How do I know this?

Well, the only comment he has made in the description of his video is ‘I love my home.’ Oh, and there are a few hints in the video as well.

I’m not surprised he loves Bowen, I was impressed as well even though I wasn’t there for very long. But most of all, when I watched his video, I was thrilled to bits to find that even though I’d only been there a couple of hours it was obvious to me that all roads lead to the beach.

That’s what I said in my post and here’s Joshua’s video to prove it…

No traffic lights, no traffic; just plenty of beach. It’s easy to see the attraction of Bowen.

Then in Wednesdays post, From Bowen to the Middle of Nowhere and Nothing, I stood on top of Inkerman Hill and couldn’t see a thing. It felt as though I was in the middle of nowhere and nothing.

I was actually in the Burdekin Region and I was thrilled to find this old but impressive video explaining in far greater depth how little there is to do there.

Well, the video doesn’t explain that at all, it just shows how wrong I can be…

Next stop on this road trip; Townsville.

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