More Things I Didn’t Do in Airlie Beach

Time to wrap up Airlie Beach week. In Mondays post we had a little walk around the town and checked out the beaches and the lagoon. On Wednesday we went for a drive in my car to see, among other things, Cedar Creek Falls.

A few months ago when I blogged live from Airlie Beach, I mentioned that I didn’t get the chance to visit Whitehaven Beach.

whitehaven-beachSo, what else didn’t I get the chance to do? Let’s take a look now.

I didn’t skydive, but lots of people do, like Kylie Kiernan. This is incredible footage, it’s easy to see why Kylie was so excited about it…

I didn’t fly a drone above Airlie Beach and shoot some video, because I don’t have a drone.

Didn’t Ride the Duck either.

And I didn’t go out to sea with a bunch of youngsters to have a boat load of fun…

I wasn’t allowed to. Too old.

I didn’t go ocean rafting, I didn’t go fishing, I didn’t go on a jet ski or on a catamaran and I didn’t go island hopping. The thing is, there is so much to do in Airlie Beach, I’d be here forever listing all the things I didn’t do. It is easy to see though why this place is such a popular tourist attraction on the Queensland coast.

What I did do next though was go to Hideaway Bay and Bowen.

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