Airlie Beach, Queensland: A Backpackers Magnet

Well, I haven’t brought you any tales of my Queensland coastal road trip for a while, last time we talked about it I was exploring The Beaches and the Country Roads Around Mackay, Queensland.

As you will know if you read that post, my drive from Ball Bay to Airlie Beach was an interesting journey that took me through some deserted and dusty backroads.

When I arrived at my destination though, things were definitely busier, but in a decidedly un-busy way, if you get what I mean…

airlie-beach-busyAs the title of this article suggests, this place is a magnet for backpackers. It’s not surprising really, it’s on the doorstep of the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s absolute madness to visit this town and not get a boat trip out to the Whitsundays and spend some time on the stunning Whitehaven Beach…


whitehaven-beachI must be mad then, because I didn’t actually go. The above pictures have been kindly given to me by Perry, a good friend of mine who did have the sense to take one of the island cruises.

I would have loved to have gone, but I simply didn’t have time as I only had one full day in Airlie Beach. I explain that more fully in my post Travelling Through Airlie Beach: What I Missed.

Instead, I spent most of my time checking out the town and driving around the area.

You’re not overly busy right now, are you? Great! Lucky you. We can take a look at my holiday snaps.

The town

airlie-beach-town airlie-beach-town airlie-beach-town

airlie-beach-townThe beach

airlie-beach airlie-beach airlie-beach airlie-beach airlie-beach airlie-beach

airlie-beachThe lagoon

airlie-beach-lagoon airlie-beach-lagoon airlie-beach-lagoon airlie-beach-lagoon

airlie-beach-lagoonCome on, it’s not bad for the middle of winter, is it?

So, that was checking out the town on foot, next I jumped into my car to explore a little further out. I’ll tell you all about that in Wednesdays post called Driving in and around Airlie Beach, Queensland.

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