It’s That Time of Year Again, Preparing for Storm Season in Australia

Every year it’s the same. As we enter early spring, we are also warned to be prepared for storm season. Storm season in Australia it seems is obligatory, mandatory, written in the diary in ink; it is unavoidable.

And it’s already started.

Each of our state and territory governments issue guidelines at around this time of the year, and I wrote about that in a post called Preparing for the Storm Season in Australia. Where I live, we have the Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service and it’s highly likely that other major cities offer similar services as well.

That doesn’t help koalas though, they cannot read and they don’t have mobile devices for those alerts. If you are a koala, it’s easy to be caught out by the bad weather…

The picture was taken by Russell Latter in a town called Stirling in the Adelaide Hills. Since he posted it on Facebook, this koala has become quite well-known.

I first saw his poor drenched little face when I was reading the online news…

Others might have come across his sad stare for the first time when they were buying their daily newspaper…

There is also a short 30 second YouTube audio of him looking lost and somewhat dishevelled…

Surely this is the saddest koala ever?

No, it’s not.

Here is a koala being thrown off a tree…

I’m not so sure, I think he was milking it a bit towards the end there. He was a plucky little chap though. If you watched that video through to the end you will have seen him have another go at getting his tree back, only to be defeated again by the bigger koala.

According to the person who posted this video on YouTube, there was a happy ending though. The little koala reclaim his tree by nightfall.

And if you are concerned about that first soggy koala, I can also confirm that he is completely dried out now and living a life of luxury high up a nearby gum tree.

Just another little glimpse of what it’s really like in Australia When Koalas Get Mad!

Update 21 September 2016:

This photograph has now turned into a gofundme campaign called Koala Rescue Project.

Now, we are not talking about just rescuing koalas sitting on a pole when it is raining, there are all sorts of situations where koalas can get themselves into trouble.

The Koala Rescue Team in South Australia provides a 24-Hour, 7 day rescue service. It’s a not-for-profit organisation run purely by volunteers, but they do need funds to keep it going.

If you want to help, click here to visit their gofundme page. Your donation could well save a koalas life.

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