Raby Bay after Dark and a Visit to QPAC

Often on a Monday I like to reflect back on what I did over the weekend, especially if it’s something new and different. This weekend I did a few things that are new and different to me, which is quite an achievement considering I’ve lived here in Brisbane for nearly 9 years now.

Let’s start with Saturday.

The Twilight Makers Market, Raby Bay

I’ve been to Raby Bay before, so nothing new about that. This is Raby Bay…

Raby Bay Raby Bay Raby Bay

Raby BayBut I’d never been to Raby Bay after dark before, so this was definitely new and different for me.

Raby Bay is about 30 minutes drive east of Brisbane CBD, but does not come under Brisbane City Council. Raby Bay is a man-made canal system which was built in the 80s and is part of Cleveland, which is in Redland City and therefore part of Redland City Council.

The Twilight Makers Market takes place in Raby Bay just once a month, usually the last Saturday of the month, and sells only handmade goods by local artisans.

I’d never been to the Twilight Makers Market before, so this was definitely new and different for me.

When we got there at about 6:30 in the evening the place was buzzing..

Raby Bay Twilight Markets Raby Bay Twilight Markets

Raby Bay Twilight Markets There was live music, of course…

Raby Bay Twilight Markets MusicThe food court was bustling…

Raby Bay Twilight Markets FoodAnd the restaurants overlooking the marina were very busy as well…

Raby Bay Twilight Markets Restaurants

Raby Bay Twilight Markets RestaurantsEven the chip shop had a 30 minute wait for fish and chips. So we didn’t eat there, we went down the road to a pub in Cleveland.

Grand View Hotel

Grand View HotelI’d never been to the Grand View Hotel before, so this was definitely new and different for me. I am not a doctor though, so I didn’t go in here…

Dr Bobs BarI wanted to go to this bar, the one that had one of my favourite ever beers on tap…

Old Speckled HenYes, Old Speckled Hen.

Pint of Old Speckled HenCheers!

Drinking this beer definitely wasn’t anything new and different for me, I’ve certainly had a pint of Old Speckled Hen before and I do hope I have another one again sometime soon. The Grand View Hotel probably has some grand views, but I couldn’t tell you, it was dark.

Let’s move on to Sunday.

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

QPACI’d never been to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre before, so this was definitely new and different for me. Mrs Bob, on the other hand, has been to QPAC (pronounced q-pack) as it’s known quite a few times. Mrs Bob, along with Stacey and the three girls, Elizabeth, Millie and Jasmine have all been to QPAC many times.

They’ve seen Mary Poppins, Angelina Ballerina, Mamma Mia, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Sound of Music.

Perhaps that gives you a little insight as to why I’ve never been before.

This time though the occasion was slightly different, Stacey’s daughters Millie and Jasmine were appearing in Brisbane Sings 2016, a congregation of choirs who were, yes, singing in Brisbane.

Can you spot them? They are in here somewhere and you can click on any one of these photos to enlarge them if that helps…

Choir at QPAC

Choir at QPACNo? Well then you won’t spot them in this one either, they are disguised as ABBA…

Choir at QPAC do ABBA650 choir singers and 3 hours of solid singing isn’t normally my thing. This concert was surprisingly good though, at one point I almost clapped in tune with the music along with most of the rest of the audience.

But I didn’t.

It wasn’t just 650 choir singers though, it was 650 choir singers plus The 7 Sopranos

The 7 SopranosI’ve heard they are currently riding high in the classical music charts with their latest CD.

That just leaves Friday.

The fire pit

I’d never sat around a fire pit with a small group of friends drinking grog in Stacey’s back garden before, so this was definitely new and different for me.

Here is the ceremonial first lighting of the fire pit…

Fire pit 1Soon after that, the fire was well established…

Fire pitYes, there are less elaborate ways to keep your feet warm, like staying in the house in the evening instead of sitting in the back garden during winter. But really, where’s the fun in that?

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  • pete August 30, 2016, 10:45 pm |

    Hi Bob,
    Still here reading your blog, you get to go to some great places,
    you are showing OZ to be a great place to live, [ to be young again]

    • BobinOz August 31, 2016, 4:43 pm |

      Thanks Pete and yes, ‘to be young again’ – I wish too.

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