Things to do in and Around Mackay, Queensland

Mackay week is drawing to a close. We started with Mackay: The Town, the Shops, the River and the Lagoon and followed that on Wednesday with The Beaches and the Country Roads Around Mackay, Queensland.

Here’s Mackay, all of it, all at once, but without too much of the fine detail…

Mackay from the airThe ‘…without too much of the fine detail‘ bit pretty much sums up my visit to Mackay, it was way too quick.

Today though is video day, and being Mackay week, the videos are obviously going to be about Mackay and in particular, all the things you can see and do in and around the city.

This is where I find out about all the things I didn’t get to see during my flying visit passing through Mackay. This is where I get to kick myself, not once, but at least seven times.

For example, I went to a place called Ball Bay, but I didn’t realise that just 10 minutes down the road was Cape Hillsborough National Park. Here’s a video showing me exactly what I missed…

My only consolation from that video is I already knew I’d missed out on Eungella National Park. I would have loved to have gone, but I just simply didn’t have enough time. When you’re just passing through, it’s impossible to do all the things you’d really want to do.

Here are some more things I could have done but didn’t…

I only allowed myself an hour to look around the city, so this is a much better view of it than I managed…

Maybe I didn’t need to go on my road trip? Perhaps I should have just checked everywhere out on YouTube.

No, that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun. Next stop, Airlie Beach.

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