Mackay: The Town, the Shops, the River and the Lagoon

Time to return to my road trip. Having left Rockhampton and taken the scenic route around the Capricorn Coast, I drove straight past Eungella National Park, arriving in Mackay at around 6 o’clock in the evening.

My accommodation was a little bit out of the way, being a fair walk from the centre of town.

Motel MackaySo I went out for an early evening meal locally before returning to my motel to catch up with some work, including writing a post about the journey itself called The Drive from Rockhampton to Mackay.

The following morning though, I was up and out and exploring Mackay.

First, a quick look at the town…

Mackay town Mackay town Mackay town

Mackay townNow, you are probably looking at these pictures and thinking “Crikey! Mackay looks like a ghost town, nobody around.” Well, it just happens that the day I was in town was the Mackay Show. It’s similar to Brisbane’s Ekka and the many other country shows around Australia. Everybody goes to the town show, so that’s where the the majority would have been…

Mackay ShowMackay also has a quite large shopping complex called Caneland Central. I didn’t go in, after all, a shopping centre is a shopping centre, but it did look quite impressive from outside…

Mackay Caneland

Caneland MackayMackay has a Myer, which you probably already know from my article Ten Popular Retail Shops In Australia is a department store similar to Debenhams in the UK. Only the larger Australian cities and towns have a Myer, so we know we can class Mackay in amongst that category.

The only locations further north than Mackay in Queensland with a Myer are Townsville and Cairns.

Opposite this shopping centre is the Pioneer River and beyond that, what looks like wilderness…

Pioneer River Mackay Pioneer River Mackay Pioneer River Mackay Pioneer River Mackay Pioneer River Mackay

Pioneer River MackayAlso very close to the shopping centre is Mackay’s Bluewater Lagoon, a free, council run safe place to swim with an interactive children’s water playground and a large waterslide…

Bluewater Lagoon Mackay Bluewater Lagoon Mackay Bluewater Lagoon Mackay

Bluewater Lagoon MackaySo, that’s the town, the shops, the river and the lagoon covered, but I wanted to check out the beaches as well. That, in itself is a story in its own right and one I will cover on Wednesday.

Let’s call this ‘Mackay Week’ and I’ll be back with part 2 on Wednesday with The Beaches and the Country Roads Around Mackay.

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  • Rob March 20, 2017, 10:33 am |

    Maaate, that ‘wilderness’ is North Mackay! They’re a bit backward over there, but it’s no wilderness. 🙂 (There’s a shopping centre there too.)

    Secondly, Myer Schmyer. Who cares? More important is that we’re (just) managing to hang on to local businesses with 100 year traditions, which is to me a much more significant achievement than having a multinational junk-peddling chain deign to open in my town (never been into Myer, never will.)

    Third, the Pioneer River is one of only 2 blue water rivers (means they have a sand bed) in Qld. We love her, even if she makes us a bit wet from time to time.

    I found your blog by accident, I’m quite enjoying it. Continue.

    • BobinOz March 20, 2017, 8:49 pm |

      Ha ha, so it is! I just looked on Google maps, you are right, I was staring straight at North Mackay. It appears to have houses, streets, golf course, lots of stuff. Looked like wilderness to me 🙂

      As for Myer, I don’t really care myself either, it’s just that I sometimes use it to indicate whether a city is big or not. Myer doesn’t do small towns, crikey, even Darwin doesn’t have one and it’s a capital city!

      I know what you mean though, shopping centres and malls that all of the same with all the same retailers are very boring, so hopefully you can hang on to those local businesses for another hundred years.

      Never knew that about the river, interesting fact, thanks for that. Can you swim in it?

      Thanks Rob, glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog, and yes, I’ll continue 🙂

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