Things to Do in and Around Rockhampton, Queensland

I’ve got a great selection of videos for you today, there’s something for everybody. Well, there is one small proviso to that; you would need to be keen on finding out more about Rockhampton.

Having got that out of the way, let’s kick on with the post. On Monday I spoke about the Rockhampton part of my road trip; I mentioned it being on the river and showed you some photographs. The following photo, which I didn’t show you at that time, was also taken by the river…

Sandy Pauper BeachAs you can see, it’s a sign for ‘Sandy Pauper Beach’. I did look for nearby sand, nothing. Very amusing. Rockhampton does not have a beach and for most of the time, no sand. Except…

Rockhampton River Festival

Last year in July, for the city’s River Fest, 75 tonnes of sand were shipped in and deposited around the Sandy Pauper Beach area. Not so much of a pauper after that, eh? I’m sure sand would have been brought in for this year’s event as well, unfortunately there were also record rainfalls, so quite a bit of the 2016 festival did not go ahead.

So, let me jump into my time machine and show you what River Fest 2017 is going to look like.

Rockhampton for festival fun…

I hope this isn’t too cheesy for you…

So, Rockhampton isn’t on the coast. Just like Brisbane, it’s inland and on a river. Beaches are nearby though, with the coast only 30 minutes away by car. Not any old drive, a wonderfully enjoyable countryside drive with plenty of fields, grass and no traffic lights. Here’s dash cam again…

To Capricorn Coast To Capricorn Coast

To Capricorn Coast Not any coast either, it’s the Capricorn Coast.

Rockhampton for seaside lovers

Here is a quick look at just some of the Capricorn Coast…

Rockhampton for students

Want to go to university in Australia but prefer to avoid one of the biggest cities? Lucky you, Central Queensland University has a campus in North Rockhampton; here’s what that’s like along with some student views…

Rockhampton for health professionals and students

Maybe you qualify for a job sponsorship but need to choose a regional area in Queensland? Then this video by Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service is for you…

Rockhampton for everyone

Just want to look around ‘Rocky’? Here’s a view of Rockhampton to suit everyone…

Well, for everyone who is interested in Rockhampton, that is.

Now, let’s check out The Capricorn Coast Tourist Drive.

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  • Awel August 9, 2016, 8:35 am |

    Fantastic- thanks so much for this, really good timing ?

    • BobinOz August 9, 2016, 5:39 pm |

      My pleasure Awel 🙂

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