Things to Do in Gladstone: Industrial Town or Holiday Destination?

When a wine bar comes third in tripadvisor’s ‘Things to Do in Gladstone‘ list, you’ve got to start wondering if there is very much to do there at all.

As you know, I was just passing through Gladstone during My Queensland Coast Road Trip. I only stayed a couple of hours, so I wasn’t really looking for things to do, but I had made a short list.

One of the things on that list was to see Lake Awoonga…

Lake AwoongaI didn’t go though, because it was 30 km back in the direction I had come from, and I really didn’t want to be going backwards. Well I didn’t then, but I am going to now; here’s a photograph from 1930 of a fire at Skyring’s Sawmill in Gladstone…

Mill Fire GladstoneAnd this is the port that all that stuff they made would have been taken to for shipping; this picture is from 1927…

Gladstone 1927This is how that same port looks now…

Gladstone lookout oneGladstone was then and still is now a powerhouse of industry here in Australia, so it’s not surprising there is not much ‘to do’ from a holidaymakers perspective, but there sure is plenty going on there industrially:

  • Gladstone Port is the fourth largest in Australia
  • Queensland Alumina Ltd is one of the world’s largest alumina refineries
  • Boyne Smelters Ltd (BSL) is Australia’s largest aluminium smelter
  • Cement Australia Gladstone is the largest cement plant in Australia

I could go on and on spitting out facts and figures about how productive Gladstone is and all the industry that goes on there, but it wouldn’t be right for me to do so. Because I’m stealing all this information from and that is just not the right thing to do.

So, if you want to know more about Gladstone and the surrounding region, you should head over to their website, they know more than I do.

Things to do in Gladstone

Gladstone may be an industrial powerhouse, it may also be the home to some industrial giants, but there are still plenty of things to do and see in the Gladstone Region for the holidaymaker.

It does have that thing called the Great Barrier Reef, the southern end. There are also a shed load of national parks in the region. Then there is fishing, the marina, some great country drives and seaside towns to enjoy.

When Australians are deciding where to go for their next summer holiday, Gladstone usually doesn’t appear high on their list. If you do find yourself in Gladstone though, here’s just some of the stuff you could you could do…

When I was in Gladstone, I thought I saw it from the two highest lookout points available, but of course, I’m not a drone…

Next stop, Rockhampton.

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