My Queensland Coast Road Trip: The Journey Home

My road trip is pretty much over, apart from the small matter of driving back home. It may have taken me nine days to get to Cairns, but I will be going back in three. This is quite a comfortable journey, with around three 7 hour-ish stints on the road and two overnight stops.

Most of my journey will be on the Bruce Highway…

Bruce HighwayAs I mentioned in Monday’s post Daintree National Park; Where the Rainforest Meets the Reef, the first part of my journey home included dropping Mrs Bob and Elizabeth off at Cairns Airport. As they were checking in, making use of the free airport Wi-Fi and sipping coffee, I carried on driving to a small Queensland town called Ayr, which is about an hour south of Townsville.

On the way, I stopped off for a rest and something to eat at Tully…

Tully (1)

TullyI got to Ayr just after dark and the town was very quiet…

ayr (1) ayr (2)

ayrThis morning, I left Ayr and headed for Rockhampton which took me through Proserpine…

Proserpine (1)

ProserpineAs you can see, these are both quite small towns, but one of the smallest I’ve seen was yet to come. I had decided to stop in Marlborough before finally heading on to Rockhampton, because on the map it ‘looked’ big. This is Marlborough…

Marlborough (1) Marlborough (2)

MarlboroughRight now, I’m in Rockhampton and tomorrow I will do the final leg, which is about 640 km to my home in Brisbane.

The strange thing is, I was fully expecting this journey home to be a bit of a chore, tedious even. I’ve already done the journey in the other direction; I’m not stopping anywhere, I’m not sightseeing, I’m just getting through it as quickly as I can. So I really didn’t think I would enjoy it at all.

But you know what? I’m still loving it!

Open roads, virtually no traffic lights, beautiful countryside and my windows open to enjoy the warm breeze. I’ve got the Great Dividing Range accompanying me almost constantly on my right hand side.

I have my car audio system blasting out music, probably a little louder than health and safety guidelines would recommend. But I don’t care, I’m having fun.

And, as an added bonus, there was a different trivia quiz question on the way back to help keep me awake. I didn’t know the answer again, but now I do. The tallest mountain in Queensland is…………..

Well, do you know?

Scroll down for the answer:
Mount Bartle Frere is the highest mountain in Queensland.

That sure helped keep me awake. Well, that and stopping every couple of hours for 20 minutes.

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