I am not here. I am in Maroochydore.

A bit of a short post today on account of the fact that I am not here. I am in Maroochydore. So I wrote this post yesterday and set it to be published today at 6 pm my time, so that the rest of the world will have it first thing in the morning.

But perhaps that’s too much information.

I suspect you would prefer me to a ramble about something that matters. Like where is Maroochydore? Well, it’s on the coast (what a surprise), the Sunshine Coast to be exact, and it is about 2 hours drive north of where I live in Brisbane.

Yes, it might be winter, but that doesn’t stop us having a mini break by the beach. I have been to Maroochydore before, so I know what it looks like.

Obviously it has a gorgeous beach…..

maroochydore-beachBut if you drive inland for around 30 minutes, you will pass through some just amazing rolling hills and countryside. This is the view of the hinterland from a small town called Mapleton.


Where else could you get countryside like this just a half-hour from the beach?

In Australia, just about everywhere – its one big wrap around beach, remember?

We booked a four-bedroom house for three days between two families. So our group will be four adults, two boys and two little girls. We think the house has sea views, but I’ll let you know about that next week. It seems pretty good value at $900 ($300 a night) especially considering that we are still, just about, in winter school holiday time.

So, if it is okay with you, I might just have Monday off as we are not due to drive back until late afternoon. But at some point next week I will be telling you all about my trip to Maroochydore.

I’m sure we will have a great weekend and I hope you do too.

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