Kunghur: The First in Our Series of Ninja-breaks

Ninja definition: a covert agent skilled in ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art characterized by stealthy movement.

ninja-breakNinja-break definition: a very short weekend break, where we leave at about midday on Saturday after my daughter has finished playing netball, travel somewhere about an hour to 3 hours away, stay the night in Airbnb accommodation and have as much fun as possible.

Okay, maybe I need to clear up one or two things.

Firstly, nobody in my family or indeed, nobody I know personally, is skilled in ninjutsu so that part is a bit of a red herring. However, these short breaks are so quick that nobody knows we have gone, making them both covert and stealthy.

Tenuous, I know, but my wife thought of the term so that’s what we are calling them. Who am I to argue?

As the title of this post suggests, for our first ninja-break we went to Kunghur. We were joined by our good friend Stacey and her two daughters, Millie and Jasmine, who are all fully signed up ninja-break members. We stayed in this house…

Kunghur houseKunghur

Kunghur is in the Northern Rivers Countryside and I think it’s fair to say it is very rural, or as we say here, in the bush. As I was trying to find out how big, or rather small, the population of Kunghur was, I came across the 2013 figures for polling. I think the results tell you a bit more about the area.

192 votes were cast in total at Kunghur polling place and as we have compulsory voting, that’s a good indication of the population. Here’s where some of those votes went:

  • 56 went for The Greens, the most popular selection in Kunghur
  • 5 for the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
  • 4 for the The Wikileaks Party
  • 3 for the Sex Party
  • 1 for the Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
  • 1 for the Shooters and Fishers

So that gives you a good idea of the demographic. The people who choose to live in this area are certainly not conventional, but they are extremely friendly and welcoming. We had an amazing time, but first we had to get there. We drove the back way, of course, so our journey took about four hours.

It was all part of the fun…

driving there (1) driving there (2) driving there (3) driving there (4) driving there (5) driving there (6) driving there (7)

driving there (8)When we arrived it was dark, and being up in the hills, it was quite chilly as well. In this place though, there’s plenty of firewood around to build a nice roaring fire…

fireWe had a great evening sitting around the flames, but we were also looking forward to the morning so we could take in the views around us. We weren’t disappointed…

views (1) views (2)

views (3)The kids loved the tree swing…

tree swing

tree swingWe were told by the super friendly neighbour Mike that there was a damn nearby which was home to a family of three platypus. So we made our way to that damn through the twisty roads…

drive to dam (1) drive to dam (2) drive to dam (3)

drive to damAnd then when we got there, we stood by the side of the dam and stared…

platypus damAnd stared…

platypus damAnd stared…

platypus damBut nothing, we were out of luck. They were definitely there though, we could see little V-shaped waves forming on the surface of the water. Close, but no sighting.

We took a different route for the drive home so that we could see some of Springbrook National Park. This was definitely a ‘B’ road…

b road (1) b road (2)

b roadWe even passed not three, but four little pigs by the side of the road on the way…

four pigsWe got to see Natural Bridge though, so worth the slower journey time…



natural bridgeThe kids absolutely loved this weekend, well, we all had a great time. This ninja-break was a great start, we will definitely be doing some more.

We were all back home by around 6:30 Sunday evening and nobody even knew we were gone.

That’s ninja.

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