Extremely Wild Weather Smashes Australia’s South-East Coast

A couple of weeks ago, which was just one week before the beginning of winter here in Australia, I was bragging about the beautiful weather we were still having in Brisbane. Now we are one week into winter, and the weather has changed quite dramatically.

Here’s how part of Brisbane looked on Saturday morning; this was Toombul Shopping Centre a few kilometres north-east of the city centre…

If you think that’s bad, Brisbane actually got off quite lightly. The further south this storm went, the stronger it got. Worst hit seems to have been Sydney.

With 100 km winds combining with a king tide, some residents in Northern Beaches, particularly a suburb called Collaroy, were facing disaster…

As you can see more clearly in this video, back gardens to many of these houses have been swept away, along with at least one swimming pool…

I have barely scratched the surface here, the wild weather stretches much further than just Sydney. Homes have been flooded from Lismore to the north and Wollongong to the south of New South Wales. The tiny coastal village of Wooli, 45 minutes away from Grafton on the northern coast of New South Wales, received an incredible 468 mm of rain.

The storm kept going past Sydney as well and has caused further flooding in Tasmania. Thousands have been evacuated and lives have been lost.

It’s not over yet either, there’s another king tide tonight and it’s touch and go whether those houses we saw earlier will still be in place by tomorrow morning.

It’s going to be a tough night for some people. Here’s hoping, at the very least, that everybody stays safe.

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