Vivid Sydney 2016: Light, Music and Ideas

Friday is the day where I try and find out about something that is going on somewhere in Australia that I wouldn’t normally get to know about. Sometimes I don’t find anything, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. That happened last week, for example, so instead I found a couple of cool videos about Adelaide.

This week though, something is definitely going on that is worth mentioning. Remember Colour Me Brisbane?

Colour Me Brisbane That was back in November 2014, we had a really colourful light display bouncing off a lot of our iconic buildings. It was a busy week, you can read about it in my post G20 Brisbane Countdown: Black Hawks, Shirt Fronting and Colours.

Right now, Sydney is looking extremely colourful in a very similar way, as the ‘Vivid Sydney‘ festival gets underway for the eighth time. This years event started last Friday, 27 May and will run for 23 days through to 18 June.

As the sub title says, it really is all about light, music and ideas. Here’s what some of that light looks like, all squashed into 60 seconds…

The festival will feature live music to suit every taste, from Bjork to Boy George to the Silent Disco at Central Park.

There will be no shortage of ideas either, with workshops, creatives and innovation around every corner. For example, you could go to the ‘Neuroscience, The Imagination & The Workplace‘ workshop and networking breakfast.

That’s just one of the many ideas you’ll find in Sydney at the moment.

There is just so much going on, I couldn’t possibly list it all; luckily they have done just that on their website all about Vivid Sydney. Here’s a glimpse of some of the action, courtesy of ABC News…

Without doubt, Sydney is the place to be at the moment. Mind you, even when nothing is going on, Sydney is always a pretty good place to be as you can see from this fantastic timelapse of the city and surrounding area…

Reminder to self; must learn to make videos like that.

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