The Journey from Sydney to Melbourne

With Sydney now in our rear view mirror, we were heading for Melbourne. The quickest way to get there would be to cut across land along the M31, driving past Canberra and dropping down to Melbourne. But how could I desert the M1 after all those good times? Besides, it would only add an extra day to the drive.

It would also keep us close to the coastline. After several phone calls we managed to book in overnight stays at Batemans Bay and Lakes Entrance. We booked into a Big 4 at South Durras, which was about 3 miles from Batemans Bay.

South Durras near Batemans Bay

South Durras near Batemans Bay

And we booked into a Best Western at Lakes Entrance, mainly so that I could watch live Premiership football on their satellite. We got there too late for me to take any decent photos, but fortunately someone else with a camera got there earlier.

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance

Image Courtesy of Phillie Casablanca

Before we got anywhere near Batemans Bay, we stopped off at Hyams Beach.

Hyams Beach NSW

Hyams Beach NSW

What strikes you above all else when you drive through this area is how can all these beautiful beaches feel so remote, so quiet and so untouched? This really is as close to paradise as you can get.

I mentioned in a previous post that we did amend our schedule slightly. Now is a good time to run through that change. We had realised we were spending more time in the car than was good for us. Or, more precisely, good for my 4 year old daughter. She hadn’t complained, bless her, but we knew she’d appreciate a bit of beach time. So we calculated that if we didn’t go to Canberra, (we originally intended to cut across to it from Batemans Bay and spend one night there) then we would have time to spend 3 nights in one place. And where better than on a seaside town somewhere along The Great Ocean Road. So stick around for The Great Ocean Road drive, you won’t be disappointed.

But for now, take a look at another stretch of the M1, between Sydney and Melbourne.

See you in Melbourne tomorrow.

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