Fresh Meat: Australian and UK Prices Compared

Last week I did a post called Fresh Fruit and Veg: Australian and UK Prices Compared. Mary, in the comments, wondered how a similar cost comparison would work out on meat and fish.

With that, in the blink of an eye, a trilogy was born. This then is part two. Those of you who are vegetarian can pop back and check out that fruit and veg post again, because here we are going to be talking about meat.

meat Carangi

Fresh meat prices compared

Yes, it’s all going to be fresh meat. No processed meats, no cooked meats, no tinned meats and no flavoured meats. Just raw fresh meat.

fresh-meat Gonzalez

And because this is Australia, we’re going to throw in a couple of kilos of sausages just in case anybody fancies a sausage sizzle.

Of course, I had the same problems as I had with the fruit and veg last week, inasmuch as trying to pick ‘like for like’. Even fresh meats, it seems, have slightly different names and descriptions in the two supermarkets, so I did my best to make sure I was comparing as similar products as possible.

For example, when I picked out the beef fillet steak, I chose the most expensive from each which was the ‘Tesco Finest Beef Fillet Steak’ and the ‘Msa Australian Beef Fillet Steak’.

For the rump steaks, I just chose the cheapest from each country. Similarly I went for the most expensive beef sausages which were Tesco Finest 6 British Aberdeen Angus Beef Sausages compared with Beak & Sons Gourmet Beef Sausages from Woolworths. I did the opposite for the pork sausages, buying the cheapest just to get a good mix.

I ignored special offers from both supermarkets.

Meat shopping

Let’s go shopping for meat.

UK and Australian fresh meat prices compared

Meat pricesSources: Tesco and Woolworths


Today’s exchange rate is one British pound = AU$1.92. The UK meat cost £100.72, equivalent to $193.38 AUD. Here in Australia, the same amount of fresh meat cost $163.28 making the UK meat 18.4% more expensive.

Again, if we take into account the Hard Yakka, this makes buying the meat in Australia even more attractive. The average Australian would need to work for about four and a half hours to pay for the meat, where as the average UK worker would need to work well over seven hours to do the same.

I’ve always said it’s a case of swings and roundabouts when comparing the Australian cost of living with the UK and that is the case again here. What you lose on the vegetables from last week, you gain on the meats this week.

I was aware that meat prices were cheaper here in Australia from my visit some years ago to possibly the Biggest Butcher’s Shop in the World. I am a little surprised though that Australian meat is still cheaper, because this year beef prices have soared to record highs with the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator, whatever that is, going above 600 for the first time.

It doesn’t really matter what the EYCI is, what does matter is that the price of beef has risen here, because supply cannot keep up with demand due to the droughts that have been affecting the Queensland and New South Wales cattle stock.

In spite of that though, there is still only one conclusion; meat is cheaper in Australia than in the UK.

Well fire up the barbie!

Prefer fish?

Then this is for you:

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  • Faizan April 2, 2021, 8:55 pm |

    I m wark to Mutton and Bife job’s
    Impossible to uk visa parment

  • Mary April 29, 2016, 10:41 pm |

    Really good news for my family and me that meat isn’t to expensive.
    I think that when we will be in Australia (I cross my fingers!) Barbie will be our best friend!
    By the way, it’s really a good idea this post ?.
    And your blog is fantastic Bob ?.

    • BobinOz May 2, 2016, 8:28 pm |

      Thanks 🙂 and happy barbecuing.

  • J.frost April 28, 2016, 6:17 am |

    Hi Bob, great post again and very interesting – a 5 day wait though! 😉 My almost 3 year old is quite the broccoli fan so the veggie post was midly concerning. Thank you for your thorough insight into meat prices, we fully intend to reap the benefits as soon as visas allow! Love the blog.

    • BobinOz April 28, 2016, 6:27 pm |

      Glad I didn’t mention the price of Brussels sprouts then, your little one would be most upset. Glad to hear you like the blog, cheers, Bob

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