Heading North of Perth into Midwest Australia

When I spent 10 Days in Perth last year, the furthest north I got was a town called Yanchep. Here is a photograph of Yanchep Beach looking in a northerly direction…

Yanchep BeachAs much as I would have loved to have travelled much further north than Yanchep, which is only about an hour from Perth, I didn’t. I just wasn’t in Western Australia long enough. I was pretty sure though that there was not much up that way anyhow.

Maybe I would have seen a boab tree on a beach near Broome…


FreeImages.com/ceri wood

Who knows?

Midwest Australia

Unfortunately the video I had for you originally of Midwest Australia is no longer available. That doesn’t stop us taking a look further north of Perth though, in fact we are going to go much further north than the Midwest.

The Kimberley

You will be pleased to hear that this video does not feature any snakes hitching a ride in a car or eating a kangaroo. In fact there are no snakes in this video that we can see, and nothing dies as far as I’m aware.

There might be a croc though.

This may be an advert for a holiday company, sadly though, I’m not getting paid a cent. Who cares, it’s a great piece of film. As mentioned towards the beginning of this video, ‘it’s quite possible in the magnificent Kimberley that you’re placing a footprint where nobody has been before‘.

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  • JIM March 24, 2016, 7:40 am |

    yes bob its bloody beautifull mate ! I just want to visit there and just keep walking
    any plans to go there bob ? any timelapse of Adelaide or kangaroo island ??

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