Taking Up a New Sport in Australia: Kayaking

ANZ Winter2015I’ve just finished writing a brand-new article for Australia and New Zealand magazine. It’s worn me out, it really has, I need to rest. I just don’t have the energy to write tonight’s post.

That doesn’t matter though, because I can publish a reprint of a different article I wrote for the magazine some time ago. See, things all work out in the end. This article appeared in their ‘Winter’ edition and it’s called…

A new sport

new sportMany years ago, more years than I would care to count, I bought a record by a band called Kayak. Yes, a record; in those days if you wanted to buy music that was your only choice. Incredibly, there was no such thing as an MP3.

At that time the words record, vinyl and album were extremely common, but what intrigued me most was the name of the band, Kayak. So much so that I decided to find out what it meant, if indeed it did mean anything.

This involved finding a dictionary…


FreeImages.com/Nick Harrison

…and leafing through the pages as we had no Google either. All the effort I went through 40 years ago though paid off for me recently when my wife said “Me and the girls want to take up kayaking.”

Yes, I instantly knew exactly what that was and what was involved.


FreeImages.com/René te Witt

By ‘girls’ my wife was referring to herself and our daughter along with her best friend and her two daughters. For them all to be kayaking at the same time, two large kayaks would be required at around $900 each for good ones.

Then there’s a roof rack to carry them, and although all the girls are good swimmers, I suspect lifejackets would be a sensible idea. Add in some paddles and I guess we could call it around 2 ½ grand all up. Or we could drive an hour and a half up to the Sunshine Coast and rent a couple kayaks on the Maroochy River for 40 bucks an hour each, just to see how it goes.

We did the latter.

It was a great choice; we had a fantastic long weekend in Maroochydore. Our rental accommodation had a balcony overlooking the river right opposite the easily accessible Chambers Island.

rentalFor an island with nothing on it, there was plenty to do. People were fishing, swimming, sunbathing, paddle boarding, barbecuing, picnicking, sailing, jet skiing and of course, kayaking. The girls were kayaking for the very first time and I was there to take the photographs.

With the three kids taking one boat and the two adults the other, it wasn’t long before the race was on. The course was simple; go under the centre of the footbridge and then double back to the sand.


The footbridge is out of view. It was a long course.

With the adults managing the turning circle of a battleship whilst the kids swivelled round on a sixpence, there was only going to be one winner. As photographer, I felt slightly let down that nobody fell in. Thankfully that all changed when they rented a paddle board later in the day.

Paddle board

Paddle boardThe kids didn’t fall off, just the adults. There was a hint of a push though.

Kayaking could well become our sport of choice, but we may not necessarily need to invest in all the equipment. Well, not yet anyway. We can hire kayaks closer to home from several Brisbane locations; the Brisbane River, at Redlands Bay, Russell Island or Springfield Lakes.

One Kayak rental company will deliver your kayaks to your favourite location anywhere around the Redcliffe Peninsular. Of course, if we did decide to buy our own kayaks we could then choose to paddle locally in the Brisbane River…

Rivers Rock 015Or over at the beautiful Colleges Crossing…

Ducks at Colleges Crossing, BrisbaneLake Manchester or even at Wivenhoe Dam…

Restaurant ViewSo who knows, maybe I’ll be shopping for a roof rack sometime soon.

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  • djmcbell March 10, 2016, 1:44 am |

    Rather than kayaking, I’d actually like to give stand-up paddleboards a go (like in the article). The cost is expensive, so I’d probably rent one and see how we go from there.

    • BobinOz March 10, 2016, 5:32 pm |

      I actually tried paddleboarding in Egypt when I was on my honeymoon. My wife laughed like a drain, balance isn’t my thing.

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