Australia, Outdoor Parties and Swimming

This weekend was the first weekend of our autumn, or ‘fall’ as some of you may prefer to call it. For us, it was also a weekend when we celebrated Elizabeth’s 12th birthday. This year she wanted a pool party, not in our back garden as we’ve often done in the past, but down at our local pool.

It was a good choice, we have an impressive local pool…

pool partySo on Saturday twenty 11 to 12-year-olds spent four hours running around, swimming, doing gymnastics on the grass, drinking lemonade, then topping it all off by eating pizza and chocolate cake. A great time was had by all. It’s not the first time we’ve had her birthday party down at the pool though, we did it four years ago as well.

You are probably looking at the dark skies in the above picture and thinking ‘Looks like rain Bob?‘ Well, no, it didn’t rain and sometimes here in Australia we are very grateful for cloudy skies. This was one of those occasions; it would not have been good for us to send 19 sunburnt preteens back home to their parents.

Outdoor parties

It’s not unusual for children’s parties to be held outside here in Australia, every weekend hundreds of children’s parties take place in parks, especially where there are free barbecue facilities. I wrote about that in my post Party in the Park: Australian Style quite some time ago.

That party was in the middle of winter, but the weather was still good enough for an outdoor party. That’s something you can rely on much more in Australia, the weather. It’s not guaranteed though, Elizabeth’s Fairies and Pirates Party in 2010 was marred by drizzle and in 2013 our planned party down at Wet ‘n’ Wild was cancelled at the last moment because, well, it was going to be way too wet and wild.

Torrential rain was forecast so we went tenpin bowling instead.

More swimming

The following day, which was not so cloudy, we again went swimming. Well Elizabeth and a couple of her friends did, this time in the city at Streets Beach in South Bank Parklands…

streets beachIt was another very hot day and I thought to myself ‘I’m sure most other places in Australia aren’t as hot as this?

I was wrong.

Temperatures around Australia yesterday

7 day weatherMy thanks to weatherzone for the image.

Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Perth all scorchio and more so than Brisbane. Both Sydney and Melbourne are certainly hot enough for the beach as well and maybe even Hobart too. I checked today and Adelaide was even hotter at 36° whilst Melbourne’s temperature had soared to 35°C.

So, if you’re moving to Australia, be prepared for plenty of outdoor parties….. and swimming.

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