Australia Is a Big Country

I have mentioned that before haven’t I? Not that I really need to, because of all of the interesting facts about Australia, I’d imagine there are three that just about everybody knows.

  1. It’s big.
  2. It’s hot.
  3. It’s got beautiful beaches.

In today’s post, I am going to tear apart all of those preconceived notions and put all of you straight on the real facts about Australia.

First, “It’s big”.

Yes, I suppose it is quite big, but it’s not that big. It is only the sixth biggest country in the world. Brazil is bigger than Australia.

Second, “It’s hot”.

We are rapidly approaching the middle of winter with it being July 3rd today. This was the view from my back garden, taken today at around one o’clock.


It was about 22°c, that’s about 72f. As you can see, not a cloud in sight with sunny, blue skies. It was shorts weather. (Again).

Now, let’s take a look at what was happening down in Victoria.

Today’s news headlines were “Snow Storms Hit Victoria” – yes, this is the same Victoria that hit temperatures of 48°C in January this year. In fairness, the snows were falling on Falls Creek Alpine Village, one of Australia many ski resorts. If you draw a line from Canberra to Melbourne, you’d find about 15 resorts along there somewhere. Then there are a couple more in Tasmania.

So snow here is a regular occurrence and if it doesn’t come, they have snow machines to compensate. But they’re not needed right now. We have real snow.

So Australia is pretty big but not really big and it’s usually hot but not always hot. Two misconceptions down – one to go.

Thirdly, “It’s got beautiful beaches”.

OK, you got me there. Yep, they’re stunning!



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