Why Most People Live on the East Coast of Australia Explained

A couple of weeks ago in my post called Things To Do In and Around Coffs Harbour I put up a photograph of Dangar Falls which are in Dorrigo. I also posted two photographs of The Great Dividing Range, one of which looked like this…

The Great Dividing RangeDorrigo itself is in the Great Dividing Range, specifically the Northern Tablelands region of New South Wales. It’s impossible to take a photograph of the entire Great Dividing Range on account that it is around 3500 km in length.

Here’s a much better photograph than mine though, thanks to somebody with a better eye and camera.

Mt. Feathertop444 edit

The Great Dividing Range is extremely important to us here in Australia, it’s what brings much needed rain to the east coast. Go west of the Great Dividing Range and the terrain soon becomes red, dusty and dry.

I wanted to know why the Great Dividing Range delivered the rain we needed here, fortunately I found a great explanation by Georgina Hancock. This is a first for this website, here’s a short Prezi. Just click on the arrow when you are ready to move on…

If you want to know more about the Great Dividing Range, then I’ve got a couple of videos for you from the Australian Conservation Foundation. Both show some great images of various locations along the range. Being made by conservationists, they also brings to our attention some of the problems facing the Great Dividing Range due to mining and logging.

Let’s hope they don’t do so much damage to the range that it stops raining in these parts, because I do like the idea of turning my tap on and water coming out.

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  • jim February 14, 2016, 5:33 am |

    been meaning to ask u bob your glories leaders seem to be hell bent on rapeing your natural resourses and sending everything to china ? any backlash on this ? even the great barrier reef is being exploited ?

    • BobinOz February 15, 2016, 5:14 pm |

      Yes, I think a long succession of glorious leaders have been digging stuff out of the ground in large quantities and selling it to who ever can pay the money. It’s been Australia’s major income for many years.

      And of course, there is a backlash, from the Greens and conservationists. I don’t think this is just Australia’s issue though, the whole world is in on it, it’s probably just that we have more stuff to dig up the most.

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