A Short Film about a Large Lizard, with a Surprise Ending

Time to wrap up our one-week special about Coffs Harbour, and I’m going to do it with a video. Yes, it’s been quite some time since I posted one of my own videos up on YouTube, but technically speaking, this isn’t one of mine.

For the entire week, my daughter Elizabeth and her two friends Ruby and Anna took photos. Mostly selfies, I reckon they’d taken about 2 million of those by Tuesday. But Anna did capture a rather cool piece of video footage of a lizard. Most likely, if I’m not mistaken, a lace monitor.

This is what one of those looks like when it’s hanging onto a tree…

lace monitor

FreeImages.com/Selma Dredge

By the looks of things, the lace monitor Anna videoed appears to be a least 1 metre long from the very tip of his tongue to the end of his tail. A fully grown adult can get to about 1.4 metres, so he’s not really a large lizard, but he is pretty big.

If you want to see a really big lizard, then you should check out my post called The Perentie: Largest Monitor Lizard in Australia.

Lizard Surprise

It’s a very short video, but well worth a look. It’s got a little surprise at the end, it certainly took the girls by surprise. That’s why I have rather imaginatively called it ‘Lizard Surprise”.

Anybody got some tissue paper?

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