Venomous Eastern Brown Snake Under the Fridge

Almost 5 years ago I had a snake come into my house. Of course, the first thing I did was grab my video camera to record it all, you can see the video I made about it on my post called What Happens When a Snake Enters Your House?

At the time, I was about 90% sure that it was not a venomous snake. Today I’m probably 98% certain it was harmless, as it was almost certainly a green tree snake. This is what he looked like along with my calculation of his size…

snake sizeThose of you who have watched the video will know that it lasts for some 12 minutes, but I think in real time it took me about 20 minutes in all to deal with the episode. Today though we can see how quickly a real expert can eject a snake from a house and just to add a little more spice, this particular snake IS venomous.

Eastern brown snake under the fridge

The eastern brown snake has been, by quite some distance, the snake responsible for the most human deaths in Australia. It is also one of the top three most venomous land snakes in the world based on tests on mice.

I can tell you, if an eastern brown came into my house, I would be straight on the telephone asking a snake catcher to come round. That’s exactly what an Adelaide resident last week. It was snake catcher Rolly Burrell who came round to help, and he made the task look so simple.

Unlike me faffing around for ages with a broom in my hand trying to deal with a harmless green tree snakes, this guy just walked in and picked up Australia’s most dangerous snake.

This video is most interesting though for what he discovered next. This will either fascinate you or give you nightmares…

This may put your mind slightly at rest though, Mr Burrell said the snake was not aggressive.

They don’t come chasing people and bite people. If you leave them alone and have a healthy respect for them, they aren’t a problem.

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  • Frank Gilling January 25, 2016, 11:16 am |

    Yeah Bob, leave em alone. Although I accidentally came across a pair of Taipans who wanted me out of the way…quickly. I obliged but they still let me know by the S shape of their bodies (this is a typical attack stance) was still intruding on their space. Even my dogs, for once, did not need to be told to stay back.

    • BobinOz January 26, 2016, 12:48 am |

      Yes, I’ve actually seen the S shape from a snake, fortunately for me it was a green tree snake. I’d feel a little uncomfortable if, like you, I was facing a couple of taipans doing it. Interesting that even your dog knew it was best to back off.

      Smart dog, probably saved his life.

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