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This is another one of my ‘I’m not here’ posts. I often do an I’m not here post when I go on holiday. This is an example of an I’m not here post here, on that particular occasion I’d gone to Melbourne. This time is different though, this time I’ve gone to hospital.

hospitalFrequently asked questions about Bob in hospital

Why are you in hospital Bob?
I’ve got cervical spinal stenosis.

What is cervical spinal stenosis Bob?
It’s a condition in which the spinal canal has become too narrow and causes pinching on the spinal cord.

I’m a carpenter with 18 years experience, I’m 35 years old, and I’m 5 feet 11, would I qualify for a visa for Australia?
Ah, you’re on the wrong page, you need to read Would I Qualify?

What are the symptoms Bob?
Well, the signals currently being sent to my arms and legs are being disrupted so, for example, instead of walking normally, I stagger around like a drunkard. Something I prefer doing when I am actually drunk.

How are they going to fix it Bob?
The plan is that the orthopaedic surgeon will operate on my spine to create more space around my spinal cord, relieving the compression.

I’m desperate to move to Australia Bob, can you get me a job sponsorship?
You’ve asked at a bad time, but no, I can’t help you or anybody directly. My page How to Get a Job Sponsorship is worth a read though.

When did this stenosis thing start Bob?
25 July this year. Funnily enough, I wrote about it, turns out that the pain in my arm that I mentioned in the post was being caused by pinching on the spinal cord. It was from that day onwards that the troubles began.

When will you be back Bob?
I don’t know, there will be a recovery period after the operation during which I will need to be taking it easy. That’s exactly what I plan to do. I will be back as soon as I am able though.

I left a comment three days ago and still haven’t had an answer. What’s going on Bob?
I’m in hospital, remember?

So you’re not even bothering to answer comments Bob?
Trust me, as soon as I’m ready I will, I want to get back to answering comments as soon as I possibly can. In the meantime, you can chat amongst yourselves, I do have many many readers who give helpful answers to lots of questions here. If you know the answer to somebody’s question, why not post the answer or chip in with your opinion while I’m not around?

I suppose that means no new blog posts for a while Bob?
Yes it does, but as with comments, as soon as I’m able I will start posting new articles again. Until then, there’s plenty to read here with over 1100 posts on the blog and 136 pages on the website. You can use the Google search box on every page to search for what you’re looking for. It’s just above those colourful adverts you see to the right. Search for any Australia related term and I almost guarantee you something will come up. Try it, if only to test my theory.

These are worrying times Bob, what with no new blog posts. What specifically do you suggest we do read?
These six pages are the gateway to the whole website, each of the pages has many links leading to much more stuff to read:

Main pages

These are my eight categories, the figure in brackets is the number of posts each has:


Please be sure not to miss anything, I’ll be running a quiz night when I get back.

Do all Australians get spinal stenosis Bob?
No, it’s not an ‘Aussie’ thing. It wasn’t caused by snakes, crocs, sharks or having too many barbecues.

How good are orthopaedic surgeons in Australia Bob?
I’ll tell you later.

Would you like me to send you flowers Bob?
No, don’t be ridiculous; a) I am a boy and b) I have no sense of smell at all. If you want to wish me well though, that would be lovely. You can do so in the comments below.

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Visa Assessment Service
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  • Dave Martin April 4, 2016, 3:23 am |

    Hi Bob, glad to see your getting stronger everyday. Keep positive you have a lot of people wishing you well.
    I hope to follow you to Oz one day and share that wonderful country with my daughter and son in law.
    All the best Bob ave a beer for me

    • BobinOz April 4, 2016, 5:57 pm |

      Thanks Dave, and yes, I will have a beer for you, I do have enough strength to do that 🙂

  • Rex Nunn April 3, 2016, 3:26 pm |

    Hey, Bob. This is Rex from Texas. I have been following your blog for some time. I heard about your hospital stay and your surgery for the spinal stenosis. I know you are doing some physical therapy and rehab. They always told me to either use it or lose it. So whatever it is you can do such as walking keep doing it the best you can. I have had scoliosis of the spine for years and I still do my exercises every day. I have managed to retain most of the functions and I can even do a brisk walk now. I still can’t run but most people my age can’t run anyway so I get around well enough.

    I spend a lot of time on my computer now working on my online businesses and at Wealthy Affiliate. You can check out my website if you like. My wife’s sister lives in Brisbane and I will probably be over there to visit sooner or later.

    Your friend,

    • BobinOz April 4, 2016, 5:00 pm |

      Thanks for the encouragement Rex, yes, I stay as active and do as much as I physically can. I mowed the lawn for the first time since the operation a couple of weeks ago, trouble is I think I’m still recovering from that now 🙂

      Cheers, Bob

  • Warwick March 11, 2016, 8:17 am |

    Hi Bob,
    sorry to hear that you’re having trouble walking and running.
    Running is pretty overrated but walking is very satisfying as well as being a good way to get around.

    I had polio when I was a kid and that injured me in such a way that running is now a thing of the past.
    But I took up horse riding when I was in my mid forties. That’s a wonderful pastime.
    You can feel the great strength of the horse flow through your body.
    And the speed!
    Of course there’s the possibility that you can be killed or badly injured.
    Nothing is without risk.

    Anyway, all the best.
    Let’s hope your improvement continues at great pace.

  • Vince March 8, 2016, 7:24 pm |

    Stay Strong Bob. Life is beautiful.


    • BobinOz March 10, 2016, 8:56 pm |

      I will, and it is 🙂

  • BobinOz March 7, 2016, 4:54 pm |

    Thanks again to those of you who have added more comments here, it really is very much appreciated.

    It is now exactly 4 months since the operation, I thought this would be a good time to give you a little update. I’m now completely over the pain of the operation, I’m off all medication, although I do take a couple of paracetamol for slight neck pain maybe three or four times a week.

    No sign as yet though of any improvement or recovery to the spinal damage, in as much as the signalling to my legs is still impaired making it difficult for me to walk and almost impossible to jog, let alone run. Like laminated Sally said below, I’m pretty sure I won’t be running again either.

    Walking is a little tiring for me, but I can manage about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, but flat ground is preferred and I do like to sit down for a rest every now and again. Obviously I had hoped to see more improvement than that by now, but the doctor says it’ll be six months to 2 years before I know how I’m going to end up, so maybe I just need to be patient. With continued physio I am getting stronger though, so I am hopeful that my ability to walk will improve irrespective of any spinal damage recovery.

    My right arm works fully though, so I’m still able to pick up a beer and say cheers, so life is not too bad.

    I’ll keep you posted with further updates on this page in a couple of months or so. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement, Bob

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