Fernvale and Chinchilla, Two Remote Queensland Towns

Now then, what was I saying in Wednesday’s post called A Godzilla of an El Niño Is on Its Way?

Ah, that’s right, yes, amongst other things one of the features of El Niño was to be that we would get lower rainfall and fewer cyclones. I’m pretty sure the people of Fernvale would tend to disagree with that theory at the moment.

Fernvale, Queensland

Fernvale is a small town about 60 km west of Brisbane with a population of about 2000 people. Is not really that remote, from where I live, I can get to it in about 40 minutes by car.

I’ve driven through it, this is what it looks like…

FernvaleOn the right, you can see the Fernvale Hotel (better known as a pub in the UK) and just behind that you may just be able to make out the Fernvale Bakery or, as the sign says right above it, ‘Old Fernvale Bakery’.

Here’s a closer view…

Fernvale townIf you were to visit Fernvale today, I’m pretty sure you will not be buying a fresh loaf of bread from that bakery. They had as a supercell storm and this is the aftermath…


Chinchilla, also known as Chilly, is a little bit more remote. It’s about 300 km north-west of Brisbane, so more like a three-hour drive from where I live. It’s a bigger town though with a population of 5000 or so and very much a farming community.

Yesterday they endured a similar violent storm passing through…

No, neither of these were cyclones and when everything is added up, whenever it is that they add everything up, I’m sure we will have had lower rainfall. El Niño, it seems, hasn’t properly kicked in quite yet, but one thing is for sure.

Storm season has begun.

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