Lamington National Park, Queensland: A Rather Large Back Garden

A lamington is a very popular Australian desert. It’s a sponge cake with chocolate sauce and sprinklings of coconut. It looks very much like this…

LamingtonApparently it originated in Brisbane and there are several theories about where the name ‘Lamington’ came from. None of those theories, as far as I could see, are anything to do with Lamington National Park which is just 85 km south of Brisbane.

Even though this is only a (less than) two hour drive from where I have lived for eight years, shockingly I still haven’t been. To put that into perspective, in 2009 the Queensland State Government produced several lists all to do with things related to Queensland, one of those lists was this state’s top 15 natural attractions.

Of course, Great Barrier Reef came top, but Lamington National Park was a very healthy ninth.

It is on my list ‘to do’ and we actually booked a room in one of the retreats there a couple of months back, but something cropped up and we had to cancel.

So this post is for me as well is for you, because I’m desperate to see what Lamington National Park is really like. I’m thrilled to be able to show you two videos that answer that question perfectly.

First up, let’s take a little tour with Australian Geographic…

Next, another wonderful video from the always excellent Selmesfilms. If I spent a week walking around Lamington I don’t suspect I’d get anywhere close to capturing its beauty in the way this video does…

Lamington National Park is a rather large back garden servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s really time I took a look for real; I’ve already mentally moved it a good distance upwards on that to-do list of mine.

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