Australia’s Biggest Duck Race at Riverfest in Brisbane

It was billed as (get it, quack quack) Australia’s biggest duck race and I’m sure it was. We went along on Sunday to, as they say, support the duck.

Support the duckOne of the signs said “Changed Traffic Conditions Ahead“; you bet there were, what with the long marquee packed with people eating and drinking taking up the entire road.

Changed trafficOh look, there’s the duck…

DuckWe weren’t really sure what to expect, it was our first ever duck race. As the race time approached at around 2:30 PM, the crowds began to line the river bank.

Duck race 1In the distance we could see a large container full of yellow plastic ducks which individually look like this…

One DuckAnd this is what something like 40,000 of them in a container looks like…

duck close upSlowly the container is lifted upwards from the back by the attending crane and the ducks are released into the water. Then the race is on…

Duck race 2 Duck race 3 Duck race 4 Duck race 5 Duck race 6 Duck race 7

Duck raceIt took a while, about 10 minutes to complete the race, as the powerless ducks slowly drifted towards the finish line. That was an awaiting boat fitted with some kind of waterproof escalator to carry the winner upwards until it falls into the winner’s basket. All of that is quite tricky to work out from these photographs, but if you look closely, you will be able to see it.

You can always click on any individual image to enlarge it.

Incredibly the lead changed several times during the run in making it, without doubt, the most exciting duck race I’ve ever seen. There was very little cheering from the crowd though, almost certainly because each duck looked the same.

If you somehow magically knew your duck was in front, you would cheer for sure; the first prize was a car valued at $40,000.

And that was just the main event, there were many other duck related races, like this one..

Duck race 2Oh dear…

Duck race 2 b

Duck race 2Over $348,000 has been raised so far by this year’s event, and all for a good cause; the fight against cancer.

Here’s a video of the 2012 event…

If you want to support the duck, you can donate over at

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