The Greatest NRL Grand Final of All Time

As you know, I was away last weekend, busying myself with 20 Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast. One thing lots of people did last weekend on the Sunshine Coast, in fact all around Australia, was watch the NRL Grand Final. NRL, of course, is the National Rugby League.

Personally I didn’t get overly excited about watching this game, wrong shape ball and goal for me…

Rugby Ball GoalSo I wasn’t too put out when we were eating fish and chips by the beach as the game kicked off. As soon as we’d finished with that though, we drove back towards the town centre and I dropped the girls off at the pub before continuing on to drop the car off at our rental.

Throughout the 15 minute walk back to the pub I passed many houses with TVs on at full volume, but it was still quite difficult to make out the commentary amongst all the shouting and cheering of those watching. I was already beginning to regret not making sure I was in position to watch the game from the start, after all, I love State of Origin.

No worries” I thought, “at least I’ll catch the rest of the game when I get to the pub.”

When I did get to the pub it was jampacked with supporters from both sides shouting and hollering at the large screen TV. Sadly for me though, there were just five minutes left to play. We can kind of recreate that situation here, now, except with just 60 seconds left to play. Before we do though, let me just fill you in on a few important details in case you don’t know.

  • The Broncos are in maroon and gold and the Cowboys are in white tops
  • The game ends as soon as the ball goes out of play after 80 minutes has passed
  • Scoring; four points for a try, two for a penalty kick and one for a dropkick in open play
  • In the event of a draw after full-time, its sudden death; the next team to score anything at all wins
  • Jonathan Thurston is a legend here in Queensland and plays for the Cowboys
  • The Cowboys are from Townsville in North Queensland and have never won a Grand Final
  • The Broncos are from Brisbane and have won three Grand Finals, more than any other team
  • The score is displayed prominently bottom centre of the screen and the time already played is in between as we join it in the 79th minute

Please enjoy the final moments of what is now being called the greatest NRL Grand Final of all time…

Redemption for JT.

NRL is very popular in Australia, it’s probably the third most watched sport after cricket and AFL. The NRL’s top league has 16 teams in it and the top four at the end of the season battle it out in a semi-final, and then the game you have just seen, the Grand Final.

This was the first time two Queensland sides met in the final and it was certainly a corker. Next year I’ll see if I can manage to watch it from the start.

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  • Frank Gilling October 15, 2015, 5:16 pm |

    Bob me ollld maaate. Not shure where ya get ya figures from. Scuse the writin’ Bob, still celebrating the win. Go tha Cowboys. Anyway back to ya figures Bob. I think the Broncos have won more than three pemierships an Im sure The Dragons won 11 in a row a few years back. Gotta go have a snooze before I celebrate a bit more.
    Go tha Cowboys
    Oooh just noticed the terrible writin Bob. Im doin this one handed. Tha other hand is holdin a stubbie of Four X/

    • BobinOz October 15, 2015, 9:13 pm |

      Forgive me Frank, as you know I’ve only been here since 2007, so I don’t have the benefit of a lifetime of history living in Australia. I think what we have here is a name change situation, we have a similar thing in the UK. Football, the one with the round ball, has been played since the late 1800s, it has a long history.

      But some time in the early 90s, League Division One became known as the “Premier League”. Now it’s as though everything before it has been forgotten. All that matters is how many times a team has won the Premier League. Statistics talk about the highest goalscorer of all time in the Premier League.

      I think that’s what’s happened here?

      Seems to me that what used to be the NSWRL Grand Final (since 1908) has now become the NRL Grand Final, and that’s the difference. That’s my defence, and I’m sticking to it. I’m briefing my solicitor on that right now.

      By the way Frank, great to hear you are still celebrating, I mean the game was over nearly 2 weeks ago! You’ve done well with your handwriting, given the circumstances. Crack open another stubbie, I’ve just opened one myself, here’s to the Cowboys and a fine, if not very late, victory.

  • Ronny October 10, 2015, 1:29 am |

    I love Rugby !
    and don’t forget Australia defeated England at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup !!!!

    • BobinOz October 12, 2015, 5:47 pm |

      Yes, England got a bit of a thrashing, didn’t they?

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