A Long Weekend on the Sunshine Coast

It’s Friday evening here in Australia, the start of another weekend. Here in Queensland, as well as in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, it’s even better, it’s a long weekend. Monday, October 5 is Labour Day for us.

Next year though, Labour Day in Queensland will be in May. Here’s how that works; when the LNP came to power they changed Labour Day from May to October, now that the Labor government are back in power again in Queensland, they are changing it back to May.

Politics eh? Such fun.

No matter, for sure we have a long weekend here right now and for many people in Brisbane it’s time to head a little bit north or a little bit south to hit the beaches. That’s what we are going to be doing, we are off to Maroochydore…

maroochydore-beachThe weather forecast looks good, temperatures should be at around 27° to 29°C with very little possibility of rain. Not bad for spring.

Maroochydore is on the Sunshine Coast, and the Sunshine Coast looks very much like this…

And Maroochydore, our destination, looks a lot like this…

There will be no post on Monday because of that Labour Day, but if you want some additional reading, try:

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  • Andrzej October 8, 2015, 5:55 am |

    So the state government should change around July / August you would have two days of work public holidays a year;-)

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