The Australian Political Prime Minister Revolving Door

11 days ago Australians woke up to discover they had a new Prime Minister. It seems there is something a little different about Australian politics compared to the UK that I didn’t pick up on when I wrote my post Australian Politics Explained.

The difference is that here, in the land down under, a Prime Minister can effectively be overthrown in just 24 hours, think mutiny on a pirate ship…

Pirate Strangling…in an event that is usually described as a ‘leadership spill’.

Here is a Taiwanese animation that does a good job of explaining Australian politics at the moment…

How does this event affect the average Australian?

Well, maybe I can’t speak on behalf of all Australians, but I can tell you how this has affected me.

On Tuesday morning, the 15th September, I went through my usual routine after having fired up my computer. That involves checking my favourite news websites online for various countries and I always start in Australia. After all, it’s where I live.

That’s when I discovered that around midnight the night before Australia changed Prime Minister as Tony Abbott was ousted by Malcolm Turnbull.

Hmm” I thought, and then I switched to another website to find out the day’s news in the UK.

Obviously throughout my day-to-day life I interact with other human beings, including, of course, Mrs Bob, my wife. I have actually tried to put a number on it and work out how many people I have interacted with since this leadership change.

I went to a friends house on Saturday evening last week, there were six or seven people there. I’ve had other friends come round my house, not many, but at least three. I’ve spoken on the phone to at least 10 people I know and interacted via email with a further half a dozen or so.

  • Has anybody mentioned the change of Prime Minister?
  • Did I mention the change of Prime Minister to anyone?
  • Has my wife mentioned the change of Prime Minister to me?
  • Have I mentioned the change of Prime Minister to my wife?

The answer to each question is the same; no, no, no and no.

That pretty much sums up, I think, how this does (or rather doesn’t) affect the average Australian. After five Prime Ministers in five years, it’s simply nothing new.

I didn’t think Tony Abbott was so bad, but maybe I’m not the average Australian. So I will let someone who maybe is to have the final word…

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  • djmcbell September 26, 2015, 10:42 pm |

    Wow… I didn’t see any mention of a pig.

    (for those not up to speed, there are allegations that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been doing rude things with a dead pig in his earlier years)

    Still, all being well, with the rate the Aussies go through Prime Ministers everyone’s in with a shot!

    • BobinOz September 28, 2015, 5:32 pm |

      No, we don’t have a piggate here, not yet anyway. One day, no doubt, we’ll get one of our own.

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