The Brisbane Festival 2015: the City’s Biggest Cultural Event

BrisFestThis year’s Brisbane Festival draws to a close on Saturday the 26th. It will, of course, end with Riverfire, the traditional firework extravaganza during which pyrotechnics launched from the river will light up the city skyline.

The festival runs for three weeks each year, so I missed most of it whilst I was temporarily BobinUSA. On Sunday though, I managed to pop up there for a quick look around at a very small part of it with my family and some friends.

I was going for one reason and one reason only, and that’s The Treehouse.

TreehouseMy daughter and her friends were so excited about visiting The Treehouse, they had visions of climbing some mystical tree, heading skyward branch by branch until they reach some magical land (thanks Enid); I knew differently though. I was going for one reason and one reason only; to buy a glass of Little Creatures IPA.

Yes, The Treehouse was a pub…

BarNot any old pub though, a Little Creatures pub. Not quite as good as The Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, but still well worth a visit. Especially if you like giant Jenga…

giant jengaOr you just like to have a relaxing drink or two by the Brisbane River…


Riverside drink

The Brisbane Festival

Beer aside, the Brisbane Festival has much to offer. As my title suggests, it is Brisbane’s biggest cultural event. The brochure about the festival I have in front of me runs to 76 pages and it is the size of a large magazine.

This is Arcadia…

ArcadiaAnd within Arcadia is this venue…

venueIt’s just one of the venues, in total I think there are about 25 or so scattered around the city. Music, arts, theatre, comedy, film, circus, opera, food, cabaret and some truly weird stuff, the Brisbane Festival has something for everyone.

Check it out for yourselves, visit…


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