Whale Asks a Fisherman for a Hand; Rescue in Sydney

As you probably know, I’ve been whale watching a few times, never had much luck. If you want to know precisely how much luck I’ve never had with this, read my post called Whale Watching in Australia: What’s it Really Like?

That doesn’t mean I don’t admire these massive creatures though, I think they are awesome. Intelligent, gentle and very often friendly and entertaining.

A whale encounter


FreeImages.com/Fokko Veenstra

Now, it’s not often you get a stranger come up to you and say “Hey mate, can you remove this plastic bag from my face, it’s really getting on my nerves.” And then adding “Actually, it’s life-threatening, it’s stopping me from eating all that yummy krill!

And that’s precisely what didn’t happen to some Sydney fishermen last week, because as intelligent as whales are, as far as I know none of them have yet mastered the English language.

But in a way, that’s exactly what this whale did ask as only a whale can. This fantastic footage shows the moment the struggling gentle giant persistently approaches a small fishing boat to ask for a favour.

Here is the full story as told on Buzz60…

This super smart whale even had the good grace to thank his helper with a little fin slap on the sea before swimming off into the distance.

So let’s change that slightly; intelligent, gentle, and very often friendly, entertaining AND polite, you’ve gotta love whales.

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