The World’s Biggest Fun Run, Probably…

Carrot RunningOn one or two websites where I’ve looked, this race is billed as ‘the world’s biggest fun run’, but I’m not sure about that.

Other websites disagree with that label, citing three, four or even five races that may be bigger. But let us not get too concerned about that, let’s just call it big.


Around this time every year a sizeable crowd of people set off from Sydney’s Hyde Park in the city centre and 14 kilometres later find themselves at Bondi Beach.

Around half way along this route is ‘Heartbreak Hill’, a testing steep 2 kilometre climb.

Oh what fun!

And they’ve been doing it since 1971.

Of course, it has a serious side, raising money for charity. So far this year’s event has raised over $4 million. That’s pretty good by anyone’s standards.

Around 85,000 people set off last Sunday morning including Scooby Doo, Osama Bin Laden, Superman, a bunch of Smurf’s, a few gorillas and Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Whether this is the world’s biggest fun run or not, this is certainly a fun video. Come on, let’s run to Bondi Beach…

Of course, having just run (or maybe walked) the course, it’s time to party and dance…

And for any of you who feel a little robbed for not seeing Bondi Beach in its full glory following that run, here you go…

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