Really Cold Places in Australia

On Wednesday we had a look at Brisbane’s so-called ‘cold snap’ in my post called It’s My Traditional Winter versus Summer Weather Battle. As you will have seen, it wasn’t really that cold at all in my home city, but elsewhere around Australia it has been cold.

Jolly cold.

Snow in Australia

snowmanThree years ago I wrote a post called Has It Ever Snowed in Queensland? The answer to that question was yes and I found a website that talked about over 100 snowfall events in this state going back to about 1880.

Stanthorpe got a big mention then, it is in Queensland, just north of the New South Wales border. This morning, again, Stanthorpe took delivery of some rather heavy snowfalls and according to the ABC it could be Queensland’s most significant snowfall in 30 years.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said up to 8 cm have been recorded by locals in the area, for more on that story and plenty of pictures, visit ABC.

Here is one of those recordings though…

The further south you go, the more snow you find. This is from somewhere between Canberra and Batemans Bay on the east coast…

This is from Katoomba, which is in the Blue Mountains about 60 or 70 kilometres west of Sydney…

And if you’ve ever asked yourself the all-important question ‘What do kangaroos do in the snow?” – Well, here’s the answer…

That’s right, they hop.

And if you haven’t seen enough Australian snow yet, let’s go over to Charlotte Pass, a ski resort and village in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, for a snow report…

We may have still been wearing shorts and tees in Brisbane this week, but elsewhere in Australia it really has been jolly cold.


Of course, it caused chaos as well. Time for the news…

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