A Street Festival, in Brisbane, in Winter

What would happen if you had a street festival where you live in the middle of winter?

What would it look like?

This is what a street festival in the middle of winter here in Brisbane looks like.

Teneriffe Festival 2015

Teneriffe1 Teneriffe2 Teneriffe3 Teneriffe4

Teneriffe Street FestivalAs you may have noticed, this Teneriffe has two f’s so it’s not to be confused with Spain’s Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands off of the West African coast. It was named after the Spanish Tenerife though because an early settler here thought it reminded him of Mount Teide, which sounds absolutely crazy to me.

This is Mount Teide…

Mt TeideWell, maybe back in the 1800s it did, but it certainly doesn’t now.

Brisbane’s Teneriffe is a cool suburb very close the city, it has some great architecture and it appears that many of the large wool warehouses that were so crucial to Queensland’s economy back in the day have now been converted into trendy apartments and flats.

And the locals certainly know how to throw a street party.

Teneriffe6 Teneriffe7 Teneriffe8

Teneriffe Street FestivalThis wasn’t a free street festival though, adults had to pay a $2 donation to help out with the costs involved in organising the event, but it was $2 well spent. Here’s what we got back…

Teneriffe posterYes, four live music stages. Let’s check them out…

Teneriffe Stage 1

Teneriffe StageAnd behind this guy delivering the strawberries…

Teneriffe strawberriesIs another stage…

Teneriffe Stage 3Yes, Teneriffe is right by the Brisbane River.

And I discovered the fourth stage down this extremely busy laneway…

Teneriffe LanewayRight at the back…

Teneriffe Stage 4Chuck in some pig racing…

Teneriffe pigsAnd an old banger…

carThen add back in the delightful food available, the beers, the wines, the cheeses, the blue sky, the sunshine and all that music and I’m sure you get the picture. It was a great day out.

Not bad for the middle of winter.

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