Skinny-dipping in Hobart’s Derwent River for Winter Solstice

Dark MOFO.

Dark MOFOImage courtesy of Paris B-A

Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? It even sounds a little scary. It’s not though, here’s what it is.

MONA FOMA is an acronym, it stands for Museum of Old and New Art: Festival of Music and Art. Of course, MONA FOMA is still too long, so that has been abbreviated to ‘MOFO’.

And MOFO is an annual contemporary music festival that takes place in Hobart in the summer. Dark MOFO is the same sort of thing but takes place in the winter. When it gets dark earlier.

Okay, that’s the acronym out of the way.

Today’s post is about what happens at the end of Dark MOFO and it is also a groundbreaking post for this website. This is a family blog, you will notice there is no swearing and certainly no nudity.

Until today.

No, I haven’t gone completely mad, and I am sure you will all be very pleased to hear that this post and website will remain foul language free. It’s the nudity bit, because today we have nudity; yes, people with no clothes on.

But don’t worry, as Kenny Everett used to say, ‘it’s all done in the best possible taste’. And this video is very tastefully done, I can assure you, and it’s probably one of the shortest videos I’ve put on this website as well.

Picture the scene first; it’s Monday 22nd June, in other words winter solstice here in Australia, in more other words, Australia’s shortest day. It’s also ridiculously early in the morning, the sun has barely popped up from the horizon.

On top of that, this is Hobart, in Tasmania, it’s winter, it’s V. V.cold. I am reliably informed that in fact the air temperature at the time was just 1°C. Luckily though, the sea itself was a wonderfully inviting 11°. Perfect conditions for the annual skinny dip in the Derwent River to mark the end of Dark MOFO for another year.

Brace yourselves, these people had to…

For some people taking part in this event took their breath away to such an extent that they could hardly breathe. Surf Life Saving were on hand to help them out.

Rather them than me, I won’t even get into a cold shower in summer.

My thanks to The Guardian for the video.

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