Mary River, Northern Territory and Mary River, Queensland

Time for a couple of nice and gentle riverside Friday videos. When I was in Western Australia last month, as you know, I spent Four Days in Margaret River. Well, not just me, Mrs Bob and Elizabeth as well.

Margaret River signpostOr more than one occasion I had a slip of the tongue and instead of saying Margaret River, I said Mary River. Margaret River is a region as well as a river, but Mary River is a river. In fact there are three Mary Rivers here in Australia. There is one Mary River in Western Australia in the Kimberley’s and then there are the two I’m going to show you today.

Mary River, Northern Territory

This River is 225 km long, it flows in the wet season but in the dry season a lot of it dries up leaving scattered pools and billabongs. Of course, being NT, it’s got crocodiles in it…

Mary River, Queensland

This River is about 255 km long, starts in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and weaves its way through Gympie, Maryborough and meets the sea opposite Fraser Island just before it gets to Hervey Bay. This Mary River even has its own festival, looks like they hold one every year in November. You can find out more about that over at their website called, unsurprisingly, Mary River Festival.

The festival has a serious side, making people aware of the unique ecosystem the river supports, more than 150 rare and threatened plant and animal species.

The river is home to the water mouse, the Mary River Turtle, the Cascade Tree Frog, the Honey blue-eye and many other cute sounding river dwellers. And as this river is only, at most, about 250 km north of Brisbane, surely it doesn’t have crocodiles, which means you can do this sort of thing…

Except every now and then it does get a crocodile, sometimes two, maybe more.

It took Rangers a couple of years before they finally called a 3.8 m crocodile that had been spotted many times, they finally got him in November last year. They believed there were maybe three crocodiles in the river at that time; I’m not sure if they have yet caught the other two.

But it only takes one crocodile, so I’m not sure I’d be so comfortable canoeing down the river as these people did, let alone jumping in for a splash around.

Always obey the croc warning signs wherever you are in Australia.

Croc sign
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