Interesting Signs from Western Australia

The title of this post says what it is really, so let’s take a look at some of these signs.

Here are a couple of signs we saw on train on the way back from Fremantle to Perth. The first one is interesting…

StudentsWhat a good idea, telling students to stand up and give a seat to anybody else who has paid more money than they have. But this next sign was even better…

Free trainsAnother good idea! Free trains home following your long night out at the weekend after, no doubt, a few drinks, courtesy of Transperth.

Public transport in Perth

One sign that I didn’t get a picture of was on the back of the bus. Forgive me for not taking a snap, but I was driving the car and navigating our way through the city, seemed inopportune to try and find my camera.

Anyway, the sign said “Giving back to the community, because we don’t have shareholders.”

And they do give back.

Many buses around the city were free and as you can see from the sign, they offered a bit of free train transport as well. Even when you do pay, the three of us, that’s two adults and a child, travelled to Fremantle from Perth, which is about 19 km, for just $11.80 return.

Let’s compare that with Brisbane. It’s a similar distance from my house to Brisbane city centre, we don’t have a train, but we do have a bus. The same return journey would cost us $23.80 return and that’s with a Go Card.

If we didn’t have one of those, and we didn’t have any kind of card in Perth, it would have cost us a few cents short of $30.

Perth beats Brisbane on public transport by a very long way. Moving on with the signposts.

The bravest restaurant in the world?

This is no ordinary restaurant…

RestaurantHow much does a meal cost in this restaurant? You decide…

Restaurant (2)Can you read what it says? Here’s another sign…

RestaurantWaiter, the bill please!

Of course. What does your heart want to pay?

Interesting idea, but very brave.

Don’t drink and drive

This is probably the nicest ‘don’t drink and drive‘ sign I’ve ever seen…

Drink drive Ah, you’d probably likely to get a little closer to that one…

Drink driveThongs welcome

You do know what thongs are here in Australia by now, don’t you? If you don’t, the answer is at the foot of this post. Anyway, some pubs don’t like them, but this bar was more than happy to welcome those wearing thongs, even if they brought in a little sand…

Thongs  welcomeBut then again when your bar is on City Beach, it’s probably a good policy. Nice view from the window…

City BeachOver at Yanchep Beach though, a very honest sign…

snakesNever mind the currents, the steep drops, the rocks or the dumping waves, watch out for those snakes!


minionsI am totally embarrassed about this sign. We were driving along the wonderful Cave Road in Margaret River when I drove past this sign and as I did so, I said to Mrs Bob and Elizabeth “I wonder what a minion is?”

Mrs Bob advised me that this is one for Elizabeth to answer. With that, Elizabeth was very forthcoming with an explanation.

A minion is a little yellow monster that wears a suit and sometimes has two, three, or one eye. In the second movie though, they were turned purple by an evil person; it’s from the film…

At this point I interrupted her and explained that these were clearly not the same minions I was asking about. There must be some kind of unusual species, maybe only found in Western Australia and perhaps only in this area, that some good people are trying to preserve and stop from getting run over on this quite busy road.

I determined to find out for myself exactly what a minion was. And I did.

Here they are…

minions How stupid did I feel?

The best sign of all

I’ve seen many toilet signs in my life, but none of them have made me laugh like a drain, like this one…

toilet signYes, there were some great signs in WA.

Answer: Flip-flops.

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