Two Days in Fremantle, Western Australia

When I spent A Week in Melbourne with a Hint of St Kilda in January of last year, I said “It doesn’t get much cooler and trendier than St Kilda“. I’m pretty sure I’ve also said somewhere else on this website that if there is a cooler suburb than St Kilda anywhere in Australia, I’ve haven’t seen it.

Now that I’ve been to Fremantle, maybe I have.


FremantleFremantle, despite being just 19 km south-west of Perth city centre, is not a suburb of Perth; it is a city in its own right. It has a traditional UK high street type layout, some wonderful architecture including many heritage buildings and some great markets.

It’s very trendy.

For example, let’s take a walk down this trendy alley…

A trendy alley

A trendy alleyYou can sit and have a coffee down the trendy alley…

coffeeThe trendy alley also has a trendy art gallery…

Art GalleryWhat about this building?

buildingWell, it’s not actually a building, it’s just a wall…

wallFremantle is just bursting with character, I couldn’t possibly do it full justice here, but if you ever find yourself in Perth, do take the time to visit this city.

The best thing about Fremantle

What did I like the most about Fremantle?

That’s easy, the pubs. I’ve already shown you a glimpse of the Monk pub in last week’s post called 10 Days in Perth, Western Australia.

Pub 1But how about this for a pub…

Sail and Anchor 1Yes, the Sail and Anchor, a pub with a good old traditional English name. But here’s the best bit…

Sail and Anchor 2Let me zoom in on that sign for you…

43 tap beersYes, 43 beers on tap. How about that? You see the Sail and Anchor is also a microbrewery. So when I also mentioned in last week’s post that Fremantle “has the best pub in the world”, then surely it must be this one?

Incredibly, no it isn’t. Check this out…

Little creatures brewery (1)

Little creatures breweryThose big tanks are full of yummy beer. But whose beer? Here are some big clues…

Little creatures brewery (3) Little creatures brewery (4)

Little creatures breweryYes, welcome to the best pub in the world.

The Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle

Not only does this place sell great beer, but it brews it as well and distributes it around all of Australia. The food and the service is fantastic as well. Just like the decor…

Little creatures brewery (6) Little creatures brewery (7)

Little creatures breweryAs well as the view from the back of the building…

Little creatures breweryThey even let you write on the walls with chalk. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth did for a while…

Little creatures breweryAny of you who have read my post Australia’s Best Beers and Lagers by BobinOz will know that under the category ‘Bob’s top 5 Aussie “Bitter” beers‘, I have put Little Creatures Pale Ale at number one.

Their pub/microbrewery in Fremantle is now also at number one; I don’t think I’ve ever been in a better pub than this.

I wish it were my local, but I’m afraid 45 hours by car is just a bit too far, even to get to this great pub.

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