Happy Easter to You All from Australia

I know not everybody celebrates Easter, but if you live in a country that does celebrate it, well, at least you get a long weekend out of it. So I hope you don’t mind me wishing you all a happy Easter irrespective of your religion.

Bunny on EggObviously we do celebrate Easter here in Australia and so yes, we do also have a long weekend to enjoy. We usually have fantastic weather at Easter time here in Brisbane, most of them since I moved here have been hot, sunny and dry.

I’ve had some great Easter weekends, for example:

For the last three or four days though, we’ve had an awful lot of rain in Brisbane. We are going to have to see a massive reversal in the weather if this Easter is going to live up to those I’ve enjoyed here so far.

Irrespective of the weather I am going to take a break though, so no post on Monday, but I will be back on Wednesday.

Happy Easter
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  • Ellisa April 11, 2015, 2:41 pm |

    A great feature of Easter in Australia is to go camping in the bush even if you would never go near a tent for the rest of the year! I think sometimes it’s glamping, but mostly it’s pack up the car and off they go! I don’t go any more (arthritis has set in and was encouraged by me at Easter!) but my family went variously to The Grampians, the Murray River and Apollo Bay (though those ones cheated as they stayed at a B and B).

    Camping seems to be a real tradition at Easter in Victoria, and we had lovely weather so everyone had a great time. Unlike the UK Easter falls in Autumn (that took some getting used to) and the weather rapidly cools down afterwards, especially here in the south.

    • BobinOz April 12, 2015, 1:31 am |

      Well I’ve not yet been camping at Easter, but I am a camping fan. We like going in spring, September time, but I can see how Easter would also be a good time to camp. Not too hot, not too cold. Might give it a try.

  • Astra April 5, 2015, 9:34 am |

    I hear that in Australia, instead of having the Easter Bunny, they have the Easter Bilby! Does everyone celebrate the Bilby or is it mixed? Which one do you choose (I presume the bunny due to your choice of picture)?

    Have a great Easter!

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