“Go Ahead, Make My Day” – More on Rubbish

Concluding My Trilogy of Rubbish

During my refurbishments stage I created several piles of rubbish. Ranging from pink curtains to metal curtain rails. Shower enclosures and broken mirrors. Fluorescent light fittings and discarding doors. Smashed up tiles and ripped out bathroom equipment. I was building up quite a pile.

You already know how difficult it is to get rid of rubbish out here, don’t you? I have written about it a couple of times before, once when talking about putting out the rubbish and the other time when I thought I heard Steptoe and Son.

So I had this ever-growing pile of rubbish and I needed to get rid of it. They do have skips out here, but my house is at the top of a very steep driveway. No way is a skip going to get up here. Carrying all that rubbish down the drive was not something I wanted to consider.

Enter Dirty Harry

Image courtesy of dr_stupid58

No, not that Dirty Harry, the Dirty Harry that lives in Brisbane. I found this guys details in the local paper. You may remember me saying in my post on Australia – A Nation of Immigrants, that it seemed everybody has a story.

Well Brisbane’s Dirty Harry had a story too, he had moved here from Germany, and he has a website. You’ve just got to see this!

Update: March 2014

Link to website removed. Unfortunately Dirty Harry no longer has a website, which is a shame. He played heavily on the ‘Dirty Harry’ theme and his tagline was “My work is rubbish.” It was very amusing. End of update.

Who said the Germans don’t have a sense of humour?

So I had dirty Harry come round in his Ute, you would not believe how much rubbish one Ute can take. I didn’t believe he would get it all on in one go, but he did. $100 later it was all gone. It was a fantastic service that I’d recommend to anyone (who lives in Brisbane) and I have used him a few times since.

Anyway, the weekend is fast approaching. So I thought I’d end with a little bit of fun. This is the real Dirty Harry. Did you know that he has two entries in the American Film Institute’s 100 Years… 100 Movie Quotes? At number six he has “Go ahead, make my day”.

Further down though, at number 51, is this…….

Have a great weekend.

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