Look Who Joined Us for Dinner

On Friday evening we decided to drive the 10 minutes or so rollercoaster hillside journey through Mount Crosby to have dinner at the Karana Downs Country Club. And when I say ‘rollercoaster hillside” I mean it; here are some pictures I took some time ago along the journey…

Mt Crosby Mt Crosby

Mt CrosbyIt’s a lovely drive though with some stunning views…

Mount Crosby viewsSo, we arrived at Karana Downs Country Club which, for those who would like to know, also has a golf course…

Karana Downs Country ClubWe ordered drinks at the bar and then we settled into our table which was by the four garage like rolling doors, with the two middle doors wide open to allow a nice cool breeze to enter the restaurant.

OutsideIt wasn’t just the breeze that entered though, take a look at the closed roller door on the left, because that’s where our small guest showed up at some point in the evening. Let’s take a look at him…

possum1 possum2

possum3Yes, of course, it’s a possum. What a beauty?

He wasn’t shy either, at one point there were five or six children standing underneath him (and me) looking upwards, cooing, talking and taking photographs. He didn’t bat an eyelid, he was very comfortable there.

The restaurant was reasonably busy as well whilst he was in there…

Busy insideBut it made no difference, he was happy just checking things out. Let’s take a closer look at him…

Possum close-upThere you are, but then you knew how cute our Australian possums were from my post Possums and Opossums: Australia and America. All Explained. And no, possum was not on the restaurant menu.

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