A Quick Trip along Pallarenda Beach, Townsville, North Queensland

Normally when I want to go to a decent beach I travel about an hour and a quarter north to the Sunshine Coast or about the same kind of distance south to the Gold Coast.

But what if I wanted to venture further?

Supposing I were to drive north for 15 hours and 39 minutes covering a distance of approximately 1,414 kilometres? I would end up in Townsville.


TownsvilleImage courtesy of Richard Gifford

Townsville is Queensland’s largest city north of the Sunshine Coast with a current population of something like 190,000 people. Townsville has Beaches, quite a few of them. Thanks to TheChurchie76 splashing out on a DJI Phantom with a GoPro mount which, in case you didn’t know, is a camera drone, we can check those beaches out.

This is pretty cool…

One of those beaches would have been Pallarenda Beach and supposing that was the beach I was heading to following my 15 hours and 39 minutes in the car covering a distance of approximately 1,414 kilometres and let’s also suppose that I did this yesterday.

I would have been very unlucky, because the beach would have been closed. Apparently, a 4 metre crocodile was spotted on that beach eating a turtle. Unfortunately, the video I had of that incident has been removed from YouTube. I’m angry, but not as angry as that turtle must’ve been at the time.

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