Aquasplash and the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

On Sunday the girls, that’s Mrs Bob, Elizabeth and three of their friends decided they wanted a fun day out. Being a ‘girl’s day out’, I stayed behind, on dry ground. Where they were headed it was going to be wet. Very, very wet.

Their first stop was…

Aquasplash Gold Coast


I asked Elizabeth what she thought of Aquasplash.

We had to swim out to a kind of arena, the water was really deep, you couldn’t touch the floor. Once you get to the arena there are lots of blowup obstacles to climb on, there was a floating trampoline, slides, a giant iceberg. We had great fun, the whole thing lasted about an hour.

With me not being there, I couldn’t take any pictures, but here is a video somebody else made earlier…

For those who like to know the costs, Aquasplash was $45 for all five girls.

With Aquasplash out of the way, it was time for lunch. Picnic in the park and a very nice park it was too.

The Southport Broadwater Parklands

How much fun is this?

The day wasn’t over yet though, they still had a couple of hours left to kill. So what did they do? More swimming!

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

This is what you call a swimming pool.

Elizabeth was very excited when she was telling me about this place and the five pools it has. One 50 metre Olympic pool 2 metres deep. One warmup, warm down pool with diving boards, 5 metres deep. She was chuffed as she actually managed to swim down and touch the bottom.

Then there was an indoor 25 metre pool and, she thinks, another 50 metre pool but not an Olympic pool. Then there was a fun pool, with a ramp going down the side and lots of splashing things.

Hey, why don’t we get world champion and Olympic silver medallist Brenton Rickard to show us around? Good idea…

Impressive place, huh? And again, for those who like to know the cost, it was $5.40 a day for adults and $4.00 for children, but under the family ticket price all five got in for $18.00.

Swimming is a big part of living in Australia, as I’ve mentioned previously in other posts, including the recent Australians and Swimming: Why Do Aussies Swim Like Fish? Elizabeth goes to swim club every Friday evening, she also goes to a coaching club on Monday afternoons and the school regularly has swim carnivals, they’ve got one later this week.

Then there’s swimming when we go to the beach, swimming in the pool in the back garden and swimming in places such as the three I’ve mentioned here today.

So it’s really no surprise that many Australians really do swim like fish.

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