The Tweed Coast, Northern New South Wales, Australia

I was going to wrap up my ‘Tweed Coast’ week by putting together a video of our escapades down that way. But before I do something like that, I always like to check on YouTube first to see what’s around. No point in reinventing the wheel, as they say, so if someone has made a better video of the area than I think I can do, I’ll go with them.

I did have some good video footage though, including Elizabeth throwing herself off of a bridge…

Elizabeth jumpingBut then I found Snap Air’s Channel and discovered exactly what I was up against:

  • He has a better camera than mine
  • He is a better photographer
  • He has a helicopter

How could I compete? Why would I want to?

So, yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve decided to go with him.

You will remember from my post on Monday called A Beachy Weekend in Northern New South Wales that we went to Kingscliff but, would you believe it, we were blissfully unaware of Cudgen Creek.

Look what we missed out on…

You will also have noticed that we went to Cabarita, but we didn’t see Cabarita Point.

Seems we missed out again…

From the kid’s point of view, our favourite place was Hastings Point, that’s where they went paddle boarding. The place looks even better from above though…

Now then, anyone still think I was exaggerating about the beauty of the area?

So my ‘Tweed Coast’ week on Bobinoz is over, but one thing is for sure, I’ll be going back.

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