A Beachy Weekend in Northern New South Wales

Well, we’ve just got back from a glorious weekend down the beach, Kingscliff to be precise. I’ve driven through the area before on many occasions, but never stopped off until now. Kingscliff Beach is the favourite beach of one of my Aussie friends here, so I thought it was about time I gave it a try.

We actually stayed in a holiday unit in a place called Casuarina which gave us access to a whole host of coastal towns in the north-eastern corner of New South Wales, from Tweed heads down to Pottsville, as well as Coolangatta just over the border in Queensland.

Only last Wednesday I was whingeing about the uncharacteristically dull weather we were having here, and I kind of hoped it would go away for our beachy weekend. Let’s see how that little wish went as we take a pictorial tour of the area.

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01-Casuarina (1) 01-Casuarina (2) 01-Casuarina (3)


02 - Kingscliff (1) 02 - Kingscliff (2)


03 - Coolangatta (1) 03 - Coolangatta (2) 03 - Coolangatta (3) 03 - Coolangatta (4)

Danger Point

04 - Danger Point

Tweed Heads

05 - Tweed Heads (1) 05 - Tweed Heads (2)

06 - Hastings Point (1)Hastings Point

06 - Hastings Point (2)

Keeping cool…

06 - Hastings Point (3)Hastings Point Lookout

07 - Hastings Point Lookout (1) 07 - Hastings Point Lookout (2)


08 - Cabarita (1) 08 - Cabarita (2) 08 - Cabarita (3)


09 - Chinderah (1) 09 - Chinderah (2)

Fingal Head

10 - Fingal Head


11 - Pottsville (1) 11 - Pottsville (2)

A view of the whole area from much further back…

12 - View from inland

The drive home…

13 - Drive homeNow, that’s what I call a beachy weekend. An absolutely stunning area, and less than two hours drive from where we live. I was tempted to say lucky with the weather as well, but this is Australia, it is not luck. It’s the weather we usually get.

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  • Barryk January 25, 2015, 11:49 pm |

    Hi Bob, nice article , I enjoyed reading it quite a lot, I was wondering if Brisbane has a beach and you can live close to the sea and have a city life like Sydney or not.

    • BobinOz January 27, 2015, 5:16 pm |

      No, Brisbane isn’t really a beach city. It’s an hour and a quarter’s drive to the nearest proper beach, but we do have bits of sand in places like Brighton and Manly. But because it’s all mangrove up that way, the sea isn’t that great.

      No surfing either, there’s no real waves because we are in a bay. We do have South Bank Parklands though, that’s a sandy lagoon (man-made) in the city.


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