Don’t Drink Plain Old Goon, Have Champagne Instead!

Today we are going to look at three words; one we already know about, one that we think we know about, and finally one that I never knew anything about until today. Just not in that order.

Oh, and we are also going to throw in a miracle.

First word; goon.

What is goon?

Berri EstatesYes, it’s wine in a box or more specifically, wine inside a bag which is inside a box. Apparently, here in Australia, we call it goon. This is the word that I never knew anything about until today.

Backpackers swear by it and many other people do as well, but I think its biggest attraction is that it’s cheap. I found out quite a lot about ‘goon’ today and on one website they claimed that it is Australia’s most famous drink.

Apparently it was an Australian who patented the box in 1965. Then a guy from Byron Bay started the “slap the goon” trend. I don’t know why, but it is now a brand. They even have their own T-shirts…

slap the goonImage source:

There you are, a new word, goon. Let’s move on to the next word.


This is the word that we already know about. We talked about it in my post Australia: No Rednecks, Chavs, White Trash or Trailer Park Boys Here, so no more needs to be said at this point. So let’s move straight on to the third word, shall we?


We know this word, don’t we? Champagne is sparkling wine produced in one place and one place only; the Champagne region in France. If it doesn’t come from there, it is not champagne, it’s that simple.


A miracle

Now it’s time for that miracle I promised you. Forget turning water into wine, a woman called Cheryl Marshall, apparently from Perth, has posted a video on YouTube showing you how you can turn plain old goon into champagne.

Special note: I am so sorry I was not able to bring this article to you before the festive season, but I’m sure you will appreciate its better late than never.

This video is an absolute classic, never mind the miracle, it’s the attention to detail.

‘Crocodile Rock’ playing in the background. A picture of fish and chips on the wine box, a decision I copied for my own image above. It even has a ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ moment.


Cheryl Marshall has done a great job here. Some may think she’s a bit of a Bogan, which is why I included it in my three words today. But I’m not sure, I think she’s one clever lady. I love the way she signs off with “Bone appetit – trash.

And I haven’t spelt that wrong, you need to see the video…

Clearing up the Champagne confusion

This video has gone a little bit viral, apparently it was featured on 3AW in Melbourne and it’s also been featured on some major online newspapers. None appear to have mentioned the obvious, which I am now going to do.

Most Australians seem to refer to any kind of sparkling wine as ‘Champagne’. Yes, this was the word we thought we knew about, but I’m guessing that many of you didn’t know that. The video is much funnier though if you didn’t know that at all.

Bonus video

I did say backpackers swear by it, didn’t I? These backpackers, from various locations in the UK by the sounds, didn’t want to waste the bags within the box.

So they built a raft. I have to give a bad language warning on this one, a rather naughty word slips out of one gentleman’s mouth as he waxes lyrical about the amazing achievement, but this is also well worth a look…

Love the paddles guys, great work!

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